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2 minutes ago, RaVaGe said:

Would be fun to have those cable cars moving, could spice up the gameplay a bit like TF2 with the trains on cp_well

We tried that and playtested it but it didnt worked out that great. CS:GO is abit too competetive for that. Most players gave feedback to make them static so

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It's my regret to inform you all that Avalanche will not be making the submission deadline. The map is in a nasty, unoptimized, buggy state, as artpass has been crammed in. There is simply not enough new content or art to submit for this contest, and no time to even make submitting a workshop version plausible. I blame this mostly on myself; up until these last two months I worked very slowly and with a lack of real dedication. We will continue to work on this map, but it's not going to be a part of this mapping competition in its current state. I hope someday we finish this map - properly.


We're sorry.csgo_2017-11-28_20-20-52.thumb.jpg.afb48f8cab160da87848d6ffc1afbc6d.jpgcsgo_2017-11-28_20-19-19.thumb.jpg.ac7772064184643bcb715f25b0b08515.jpg2017-11-19_18-51-37.jpg.90bd58103702bb55aa7123fc4891e361.jpgAspire.png.4ab14f4fcdba9dc1cc5bef99209eca27.png

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