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A modern railway museum is the target of a terrorist bomb threat. Counter-terrorists have been called in to protect the museum's outdoor cargo trainyard exhibit as well as its historic railway turntable, featuring two centuries of antique steam engines. Inspiration drawn from various modern railway museums, particularly Kyoto's. 

Was working on this map layout for a few months but had to step away to focus on finishing my studies. Now that school is over, I am back to mapping. I've done some internal testing, timing, and casual 2v2 and 3v3 play, but I just scheduled this map's first THW Casual playtest for Jun 10 @ 2pm.

Currently somewhere between graybox finalized and temporary assets placed. I plan on spending this summer making custom models and textures for this bitch (hit me up if you are interested in working on assets with me). 

Right now I'm looking for any layout feedback. What areas are fun, which aren't, which are confusing, etc. As models will change, clips and bomb spots aren't that important, but I'd like to know about anything major I missed that would be useful to fix before the first playtest. I am just looking for any input at this point before I begin my heavy art passes.

DOWNLOAD LINK: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=762603900


Circles indicates battlefronts:




Thanks for checking it out!

modern 4.jpeg

modern 5.jpeg

modern 7.jpeg

modern 9.jpeg

modern 10.jpeg

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S1lv3r 4 lyf feedback rampage 2017 :P But in all seriousness, I love the theme you're going for. To my knowledge, no one's done a railway museum before. The brushwork is beautiful, and you've got some great centerpieces that really make it feel unique. Keep it up!

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