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Oleg Grachev - Level Designer

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Hi! I'm Oleg Grachev.

Recently I've been involved in game dev in a professional way. I just finished my portfolio, CV and I'll find useful anything you would say about it.


Thanks for your time!


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I like your portfolio!

Some pointers in my opinion.

At the front page I would place a line in between your works like this.


This is to create some space so that everything feels separate.
At the moment it just feels like everything is floating together.

White is a dangerous color to have since it can be very straining on the eyes to watch depending on screen brightness and real life environmental factors.
Maybe think about doing it more grayish so it is more easy to look at.

Lastly I would remove the text when you hover over an image.
I find it very annoying and it feels incomplete.
Some pictures have a lot of text and some barely none.

Also, when you write what you have done on the game, try to make some things in BOLD.
This will make it easier to read and navigate.
For example: Engine: Unity  = Engine: Unity
Also spellcheck your comments! Some sentences ends with ; and others with . so go through and settle down with a normal ..

Otherwise it looks good with both videos and images.

Hope it helped!

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Hello Oleg!

First of all I think you have some good content. With that being said, I'll be giving you advice as if you were applying for a level design position:

For starters, you seem to go into great detail about your development process for only two of your pieces (The Roots and Enemy's Lair). Ideally you should be doing this for all of your content, unless there are restrictions. This helps me figure out different aspects of your level design like how your level uses the game's mechanics in interesting ways or how you've solved problems within your gameplay space.

I'd also recommend only posting content that is relevant to your title. In your Valley of Heroes entry, you have character models displayed at the bottom. You're not a character modeler, nor am I going to hire you for that role since you're not specialized in it. I want to hire you as a level designer, show me levels and design documents.

Lastly a bug:

  • The 'day to day' link in your Roots page points to a page that no longer exists


Hope this helps!

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