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[WIP] de_bauen (Formally known as de_construction)

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It is a defusal map and it is about the Terrorist planting the bomb in a construction zone to prevent there enemies building an arsenal to protect there country.

The screenshots are what is going to come up in the V4 update! The radar is still apart of the V3 update!

More Info Coming Soon!

Workshop Link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=921324536

Mapcore Forum 3D Link: 








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UPDATE: 1.04

-T Spawn and A long got more cover and more detailed work
-CT Spawn got some love with more detailing near A and B Bombsites
-A Connector got bigger and adjusted the ramp due to an op headshot angle
-Instead of connecting B with Middle with a Ladder, it was replaced with stairs
-Alt/Second Mid got more cover and the stairs was removed
-Top Mid/T-Mid got an extra area of cover for safe crossing from the bottom of stairs
-Added/Adjusted Clippings on the map



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Version 1.05

-A Long got redone
-Added an extra path for cover for T's and making it harder for CT's to peek it
-CT Spawn got smaller and moved the garbage can for rotating cover
-Added/Adjusted Clippings all over the map
-T Long fixed a couple of garbage bursh work
-Alt/Second Mid got more cover to the right side by making an indent in the wall
-B Site heaven got smaller and a roof over its head
-CT Pillar got more cover because of an OP angle for awpers


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Version 1.07

-CT Spawn got bigger
-Added a pillar instead of a dumpster in CT Spawn for more cover when rotating
-Removed Alt/Secondary/Drop-down room
-Removed CT Middle
-Both sites are now gravel to be able to hear them better
-CT spawn connects with the bridge
-Bridge window got bigger to make it easier for the T's
-Replaced the Radar to be able to see B Heaven
-B Heaven's ramp got replace with a ladder because of head shot angle
-A site T Scaffolding got removed
-A site Balcony now requires a boost from a teammate
-B Squeaky T side door turned into a open double door while CT's door got a double door
-Outside Picnic props were adjusted
-Mid T Balcony got removed
-Props got turned into Not Solid
-Middle has a Catwalk for the T's to try and control bridge
-Added Stairs to catwalk instead of a boost
-Instead of the Staircase at middle going to bridge, it now goes to B Main
-It is near T's top mid but T's needs to cross middle to get to B Connector
-If T's do not want to take mid control they need to boost to get into B Main





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Version 1.08

-Connector got smaller
-Added two boxes at middle to be able to do a block play or give cover
-Bridge obstacles/props got changed to better covered props
-B Site has a wood plank to get more cover from bridge
-Clippings have been adjusted all over the map
-Picnic requires a boost instead of going up the ladder



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  • DirtyG changed the title to [WIP] de_bauen (Formally known as de_construction)


Version 1.09

-Changed the name of the map to Bauen (means to build or to construct in german)
-Clippings were added and adjusted
-CT bridge was recreated
-CT spawn has a staircase
-B main got smaller
-Removed the powerful boost from B sqeauky 
-More detail has been applied to the map (markings for the bombsite)

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