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The dos and don’ts of CS:GO level design

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Really good beginner guide. And I learned something. I didn't knew the Measuring timing trick. Thanks for that.

But there are 2 things (for me) you didn't covered enough.


I just want to say how important it is to rework all of your areas. Even when you think it is the best thing ever, it isn't. It can always be improved.

As I started it happened often that I created something like a stair and I never tried to vary or move it. This can be a huge mistake. Play around and have fun experience new things. You don't have to be afraid, you can always save your origin and come back to it. All you have to lose is time but what you can get by trying is a better map and no matter what you get more experience.


The other thing that I learned is that you can't force something. I always tried to create the best possible gameplay. But it can only be as good as your skills* are.

Mapping takes time and it also takes a huge amount of time to get better. It is like painting. Paint something the first time and it may looks bad, repeat it 1672 times and it will look wonderfull. So be patient. Edit: Learning from others and their work is also very important. You can't find out everything on your own just by practising.

So keep mapping and don't forget to have fun. :)


*includes the skill to find out what the game is all about with all its peculiarities.

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New contest, new update! 

Took the chance to get the rework in a presentable state. Might be changing it further in the coming weeks depending on feedback. We'll see I guess.

The dos and donts of csgo level design - 2019-06-10_2.pdf

There is also a Steam version of the guide if you prefer that:


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