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[WIP] De_Glace

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Some screenshots:

Check this out:

I made a lot of changes to outside, mainly the CT side and the routes to the bombsites:  - The route to B now goes along that catwalk above the entrance to the CT Garage.  - Also I

Posted Images

Beware! Long post!


V12 coming up:

 - Adjusted the CT rotation timings and fixed some weird angles. Here are some screenshots from the new CT spawn:




 - Here is the new path for CTs to Outside (goes underneath the connector to B site):


 - Changes to outside (the vehicle in the middle is WIP, placeholder brush in it's place):



 - Shortened the connector to B from outside:



 - Some more screenshots of first art pass on the buildings:





 - This is what the ship currently looks like:


Probly gonna retexture it in 4k and add more detail to the model cuz it looks like shite right now.

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Made an ice model for the water:




There are some parts of the prop that look weird and unrealistic but I'm working on it. I will add a slight reflection as well.

I'm trying different water textures. This one is from inferno.

I'm testing it on V7 cause everything else is broken. Yes, Valve messed up hammer again.

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The first art pass is done in most outside areas:





I've got that tower on the top as a landmark/orientation point.

2 hours ago, Andre Valera said:

You've done an excellent job of updating everyone with your progress and I think at this point having an environment artist help finish up the remaining tasks would really speed along the production process 

I'll think about that. Maybe I will need someone to help me with the indoor stuff.

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22 hours ago, Apeyou said:

Looks great, although the yellowish texture makes the map feel 'warm', while it should feel cold because of the setting you're going for. Maybe try a less vibrant color or play around with some color correction. Keep it up!

I don't have time for changing colors. It's not that big of a deal. The orange texture that's all around the map is gonna stick, but I'll most likely change the colors of the crates that are on the ship.

and for some reason i cant post screenshots, Max total size 0.09MB. I guess i've reached the limit

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This is the new ice model:


Did some more work on the ship:



And some more screenshots:


Working on a new path from outside to Bombsite A. I'll prob remove the part around B connector through CT spawn:


I'm also looking for an environment artist to help wrap up this project so if you are interested, feel free to contact me:

Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/bromangen8/

Discord: Nikio#3991

This is the progress so far:


+ 2 underground areas that are like 15%

+ Gotta make the 3d skybox

+ Gotta add some custom sounds

+ Navmesh needs some work

+ A few props to make/texture

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Updated workshop with V13:

 - Sum art

 - Sum change on connectors from Outside to B,A and CT

 - New skybox

 - Adjusted timings

 - Fixed shader bug on B site

 - Fixed pixelwalk on B

 - Clipped off upper part of the ship/A site

 - Added a flying thingy above A

 - Propped sum ship

Reddit playtest tonight.

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I made a lot of changes to outside, mainly the CT side and the routes to the bombsites:



 - The route to B now goes along that catwalk above the entrance to the CT Garage.

 - Also I've added another path to A that goes underneath bombsite B, which is relatively new and is still very much W.I.P. 

 - The CT Garage has an upper balcony area which is easily accessed from CT spawn. It provides CTs with a vent passage to Vent room which is right next to the B site and is also the second T entrance to the site through catwalk. CTs also have the choice to drop down into the lower area of the CT Garage, which is a one way drop and they can only get back with a boost.

 - Both bombsites now have 2 entrances for Terrorists but Counter Terrorists can feel safe rotating between the sites unless they give up outside and allow Terrorists to boost into the upper part of CT Garage. 

 - CT Garage allows for quick rotations in between the sites, almost as quick as rotating through CT spawn, so CTs now will have a second route for retaking each of the bombsites without loosing too much time.

 - You can also boost up the Elevator shaft now and you can drop on a small platform and safely get down without 'abusing the source engine surf physics' and risking taking damage.

I'm starting to set the theme for some indoor areas:



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On 10/10/2017 at 7:05 PM, Vaya said:

There's something really off about the look of this map. Are you working from references?

Not really. I'm making up most of it, except for some parts. I'm using a reference for the ship and the indoor areas on the T side of the map. 

What do you think is off about the way it looks? 

1 hour ago, blackdog said:

All that metal floor doesn’t have sense I guess

Idk maybe I'm overusing that metal texture.

Maybe if I used more reference, it would have been easier to keep the theme consistent but I'll try my best.

BTW I am working on a new ship model which consists of 3 separate parts so I can add more detail. The current one looks like absolute shit.

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