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[WIP] De_Glace

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V7 is out on the workshop and it will be playtested in 2 days.

Here is the overview with a non-distracting background:


Before/After gif:


And some screenshots:

 - T path to B now has a boost to middle:


 - Long B:


 - B site bomb plant zone is now only underneath the warehouse roof:


 - CT path to B:


 - New B connector, now featuring Skylights™:


 - B plat:


 - Middle:


 - Top mid:


 - Top mid, the tower has been moved:


 - Second mid/A connector:


 - A connector:


 - The bomb plant zone on A has been moved back, it now starts from where the crane starts, so playing outside the ship is more viable for CTs and Ts don't have an easy safe plant. Also the small box in the middle of the prow has been removed and two new boxes have been added to block the view towards CT garage:


 - The ladder has been moved behind this box:


 - Another screenshot of Second mid:


 - New T spawn, extremely simplistic:


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Some screenshots:

Check this out:

I made a lot of changes to outside, mainly the CT side and the routes to the bombsites:  - The route to B now goes along that catwalk above the entrance to the CT Garage.  - Also I

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On ‎8‎/‎7‎/‎2017 at 2:04 PM, Vaya said:

Hi Nikioo


whats the dotted line on the overview? looks liike you are going further in wrong direction with the layout- you should be simplifying the connectors and opening the space up to make it fair for both teams.

There is no dotted line. I am working on improving the choke points and the connectors to middle.

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3 hours ago, NikiOo said:

Been working on the truck. Added some more detail. It will make it's return to the map once I actually texture it:

  Hide contents


Hope I haven't reached the poly limit.

Here is a weird ass tire:



Look in the upper middle part of Blender to see your scene tri count, select pieces to see their individual tri count. Go into your mesh properties, check auto smooth and start smoothing those curved surfaces/declare hard edges.

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1 hour ago, grapen said:

Look in the upper middle part of Blender to see your scene tri count, select pieces to see their individual tri count. Go into your mesh properties, check auto smooth and start smoothing those curved surfaces/declare hard edges.

Thanks, grapen. Took me some time to find that Auto smooth thing but it seems to work really well. I've never really tried smoothing my props. Does that effect actually translate to Source?

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You can bake an AO in Blender too.

For that, go into the UV Editing window and make sure your UV Unwrapping is finished.
Then, create a New Image :


Choose a image resolution and fill it with anything, it will be erased anyway.

Then go back in the default Window and Object mode. On the right panel, get into the World tab :


Check the "Ambient Occlusion" box and below, in the "Gather part", change Distance and Samples to the desired values.

I personally use 20 samples, it's enough to get smooth AO and fast enough. For the Attenuation, i find 50 to be relevant but it depends of the size of your model. For the information, i always model everything scale 1:1 (1 units in Blender = 1 units in Hammer). If you do that, 50 is a great attenuation distance value.

After that, get in the Bake tab (first one)



Go into the Bake part and configure it like that :


Normalized might not be the best to get homogeneous AO between all your models, but i prefer to use it, it gets more contrasts.

Finally, click on the Bake button and you should get your AO :

(viewed in Texture shading)



Finally : Image → Save As Image



Hope this helps

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Changed the colors on A site from Green and Red to Yellow and Red and removed the water in the Ship. I'm working on making this bombsite more believable by turning it into something like a small shipyard or whatever:



Sick new stairs here for smoother movement:



And here is another screenshot of the WIP truck. I've added some snow to it just to see how it looks and I'll keep it if I have time to do the same with all other props and textures across the map, for consistency (probably won't):


With snow:


Without snow:


I'm working on other vehicles as well.

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