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[WIP] De_Glace

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1 hour ago, spa said:

Kudos for the effort, aiming high definitely isn't a bad thing. One thing you should look at, based on that last screenshot is the proportions of things: the doors, staircase, windows vs the smaller details like the floor pattern. I have a hard time imagining the size of a player in that space.

Yeah floor pattern is pretty big and the elevator door is just a brush so I do not know how accurate it's size is. I'll definitely look into this. It's kind of on a hold right now, but I will get back to it when I'm ready for the challenge.

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Got a small update with some clipping and bug fixes:


A site:







B site:



Don't worry, I haven't abandoned de_bigassstatue, I've got an update coming with some changes to middle and fixed weird angles.

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