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[WIP] cs_cult


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Slightly saddened by the lack of any hostage rescue entries, I've decided to enter cs_cult, a bit of a cs_ thought experiment that's been sitting in one of my sketchpads for far too long. I've designed it to try and appeal to 5v5 competitive types, by spreading the hostage spawns similarly to bomb sites. The tricky part is then balancing the CT's return journey, but through a few one-way drops and boosts and things I think it works on paper.

The theme will involve rural cabins, woodland, a lake and some cliffs.

I'm still working on de_brutal so if that's finished by October then great, but cs_cult will be my focus for the competition. I'll knock a gray box together tomorrow (disclaimer: if it plays shitty in the gray box I reserve the right to turn my full attention back to Brutal :P).


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Thanks for your interest ExtraCheesy!

I'm still laying down basic brushwork at the moment, so nothing to show. As long as I don't get called up for work in the next few days I reckon I'll have something rough to show around Tuesday or Wednesday next week.

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I finished the basic gray box yesterday and I've spent several hours tweaking bits here and there to get timings right. The overview below shows the general gist of the map -- CT's start low down on a beach and have to climb up towards a cluster of buildings to retrieve the hostages. CT can either cross the beach and climb the cliffs to the right or ascend some stairs to take a passage with more cover to the left. Thanks to the hill CT's crossing the beach are fairly safe at the beginning of the round and the building on that side is also comparatively easy to navigate, but once they retrieve that hostage they either have to take a long route back to maintain cover, or risk the open beach which T snipers may have covered by this point. Conversely, if they head for the left-hand hostages they face more dangerous close quarter battles early on but if they can break the hostages out their best route back to the RZ has fairly good cover and can be crossed pretty quickly. 



Next on the agenda is to start turning that terrain in to displacements, which shouldn't take too long as I put them together modularlylylyly. Once they're tweaked for sightlines etc. I'll think about a playtest with real people.

Thematically, I've decided to swap the cabins for an olde-English pub/inn, but the cliffs and woodland remain.

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Looking good so far. Just a little thing, could be different ingame: It seems like you can only get to the upper hostages if you run through some narrow hallways - could be a problem if you smoke / molotov / negev them. Can you upload the map? :)

Looks really promising :)

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Thanks SirK. :)

Yep, the upper hostages are only accessible by those two narrow hallways, which makes this route much more about close quarters fighting and/or sneaking. There are windows that can be jumped out of for a quick exit. I've done this to provide a suitable alternative to the hostages on the right which are much easier to grab. If it turns out I've taken the close quarters idea too far I have an idea how to open it up a bit, but I won't know for sure until a playtest.

I'll upload to the workshop once I've created the displacements and tweaked some cover.

Thanks for the feedback!

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