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DE_Sentinel (WIP)

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To all the players that tested the map: I have to bring the sad news that the beloved church on the map has been removed. There was just too many complications with it, such as custom content I had to deal with, and it also restricted needed pathways. I'll try to redesign bombsite B to be more close-quarter friendly.


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Hey, Mr. I-Discontinue-Every-Map-I-Start here.

I released the map to the public again, and I would really appreciate you guys' feedback. I'm seriously commited to this one, and I'm gonna take small baby steps to H O P E F U L L Y finish this one. It's gonna take a while, since I eventually wanna have custom props and textures on this one to get that Copenhagen feel. But yeah, blah blah blah. Go download it and tell me what you guys think.

(Contact me if you're interested in helping out with the map)

T Spawn + Thumbnail.jpg


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1 minute ago, PapaRabbi said:

I love seeing people restart old projects again. I personally just started working on a map from November of last year again, so good job, man. What sort of help would you need with the map?

Help towards getting custom props and textures made, but also In-Depth feedback on the layout and gameplay of the map.

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