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Andre Valera


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10 hours ago, Andre Valera said:

Confirmed catfood is NOT working on Kaizen :(


It was a cool idea for the theme but I think the layout had some problems.

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I of course gave a like to the screens, very good work here.

At a second inspection, and after considering other’s comments regarding the darkness, I realised that what feels weird is what it feels as total lack of lampposts. At close inspection I can see you have some in there, but the lighting is very same-y across the board. It makes it look very aseptic and fake. I feel you need many more lights placed at player level/illuminating main paths, atm seems there’s environmental lights and floor level lights. Yes there are some lights on top of doors and other player-level elements, but they are out on the side. I would like a stronger accent on lights that illuminate paths vs end lights, less bright and different hue the latter with some spotlights highlighting “hero” buildings.

Not sure if you are planning to give a decal and prop pass to make it look much more dirty, cos like I said seems too clean.

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