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cs_tori (鳥)

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How long do you need to create a map? I needed 880+ hours for this one.

Sometimes I think I am really slow.

Maybe it is because I don't use references. I have to be very creative. That consumes a lot of time. Would be much faster to use some.

But I don't want to, because I don't want to copy things. I like the freedom to create whatever I want without the boundaries of a given theme. With a free mindset.

Edit2: Oh and it is also more personal this way.


I mean a overall theme is good but I don't want to be restricted by it. For example if this map would really be in japan you would expect  the roofs look different and not like mine. But you were never in every corner of japan. So you have a restricted thinking and maybe are not likely to accept something that don't matches your given knowledge.

I hope you know what I mean.



For my first map I created angled railings. Someone said it is not how it is done in the real world. So I changed it to "normal". Weeks later I saw a railing in the real world which was made almost exactly like I made it initially. I wished I had not changed the railings because I liked the original more.


Oh and I had to learn new things for this project. I edited almost all custom textures. I did not just download them and smashed them into hammer. :D Just one Example.

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