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cs_tori (鳥)

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Release of cs_tori (鳥)  (My first cs:go map without crates!)

Steam Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1521939381

Gamebanana: https://gamebanana.com/maps/201797















There are a few things I want to add and I also forgot some things to improve. There will be surely an update.

Your Feedback & Constructive Criticism will be very appreciated!

Thanks! :)








[WIP] cs_tori (鳥) fully playable version

Be free like a bird. Open your mind for new ideas!

Workshop Link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1217257648

Designed for classic mode 5v5.
I wanted to try something new with this map (gameplay and visuals). It should be a simple map which is easy too learn but also gives you tons of possibilities how to play it.

Because gameplay is the most important I concentrated on this part. Gameplay is "done" (improvements /small optimisations are likely). "Only" the visuals have to be made.

I think hostage rescue mode is the perfect mode to try new things. It has a lot of potential.


Please play it with other people, because bots are too limited to make use of all the good things this map has to other.

There are only 10spawns. I will add more spawns  and deathmatchmode later on full release.



Idea behind the Layout:

Simple, but also complex. I tried something new by placing the Hostage rescue zone apart from CT spawn. This map is more like 2 maps in 1.

Only Ts got two paths to the rescue zone. Given them more choices on how to play the map from beginning. They are noch stuck in place like usual.

CTs however can see both paths from their routes. So Ts can't just easily get there unseen.

Also CT can concentrate on getting to one hostage and don't have to defend the rescue zone at the same time.


I hope you have fun playing and testing cs_tori. :)





[WIP] de_solas     (first entry, but decided to create a completely new map from scratch)


[WIP] de_solas (maybe not the final name)

Thanks for this contest. :)


My map will be a bomb defusal map with a nature setting. My main goal is to deliver a fun and unique gameplay.


How I started:


I started November 2014 with painting the layouts on paper. I only concentrated on the layout I had no idea which location it would have.

First work in Hammer was 2 Months later just to test the layout.

The layout was not that good, but I made one spot that had something special. It was a cliff with a big bridge. I decided it will take place in nature with mountains and hopefully a beautifull view at this one spot.


At this time, I was studying so I stopped developing this map to focus on my study.

Until end 2016 I only worked a very few hours on this map. I also decided to create another map (from 2015 - mid 2016) first.


March 2016 I decided which colors I use for my map and what type of mountains it should have.

I gave the area with the bridge a few blocky mountais, 2 textures and a few models just to give the map a little bit life.

So at the beginning of this contest I had a greybox with rough design and one area which showed how the map will roughly look like.

The layout was not 100% done it needed several changes and improvements.


The map has not been released for public download. No one ever played it except me. No screenshots or anything else were released. 13.06.2017


Reference photos:


There are no true reference photos. There are a few photos I looked at for a few seconds and two video I watched.

I don't try to recreate something. I just wanted to find the right colours for this map and make sure it deosn't looks unnatural.


I watched those video:


A few photos I looked at:


I really liked the ideas to have rice fields, but currently there is no plan to implement these.



After looking at following two pictures, I decided to give my map a glasway at T spawn, but you can't walk it. Oh.. ..so one true reference photo.



The picture that influenced me a tiny little bit was this one:



28.05.2017: I don't know how all of my places will look like. I know it for ~2,5 areas. It will be a surprise how it will looks like to me. I also have to find out how detailed I can make the map, because of optimisation.


You got to wait until release to see how those pictures affected my map. :)


At the start of the contest:

I'm improving the gameplay and working on the layout.

07.06.2017: I remake middle completely.

10.06.2017: Still improving the layout.

15.06.2017: Layout improvements should be finished.

12.07.2017: I iterated middle again. It was boring, now it is interesting and fun. That is approximately the sixth time I iterated middle.


I'm currently working on:

- Other map. cs_tori (鳥)


Current Version:  de_solas_0_88



Fast compile and without cubemaps from version de_solas_0_88









(If it reaches de_solas_1_0 only the gameplay will be "done". At that point I will focus on the visuals.)


What comes next:

- finding the right textures

- Visuals and gameplay. I try to improve gameplay before I give an area more details.

That is what I learned from my past projects. Make sure the gameplay is fine then add details. So I improve one area several times within weeks in between to clear my mind and be able to look at it with unsparing eyes.


- I learned the basics of Blender for this map, but I haven't made any models yet.

When I got time I try to create a few models for this map.


 - All the other things like creating a working minimap, place sounds, improve the nav, making screenshots etc.



[WIP] cs_tori (鳥)

Reference photos:  None. Videos? No. All imagination.


I made this Overlay concept. It only shows the important places and how they are connected to each other.




- (26.08.2017) Layout on Paper

- (28.08.2017) Start in Hammer

- (25.09.17) Layout | Minimize the Layout because of the spare time. Reduce as much as possible.

- (30.09.2017) I improve the Layout and make it more like initially wanted. Not just a miniversion. Thanks to the extended Schedule. :) 

- (16.10.2017) Blocky Layout in Hammer finished.










- (22.10.2017) Name changed from cs_cristal to cs_tori ().  Bugs are fixed. Started to texture and detail.

- (04.11.2017) Searched for textures, found the most. But I have to find the right rock textures.

- (26.11.2017) Should have found every texture I need.

- (30.11.2017) Contest version released

- (10.01.2018) I made almost nothing since 30.11. But now I'm working on it again. I take as much time as it needs, no rush.


Currently working on:

- Learning how to create Props with Hammer for Source 2.

- all :)


Next / to do:

- Optimisation (Areaportals, Occluder, Skip+Hint, Skybox)

- gameplay changes / optimazitions

- Sound, light, better minimap .. everything else :9

- create models

- make the map pretty,..

                     ..because the best gameplay don't makes your map popular, the visuals do (sadly,.. I thought it is all about gameplay in cs:go).


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I will start a new map for this contest.

I don't offend any rules with de_solas, I accept the rules, but I personally can't agree with it.

I rather got a disadvantage than having a minor (but still unfair) advantage.


I got two ideas for a cs_map. Only the setting not the layout. The one on an island would be too big. The other would be good.

As CT you have to rescue Chemist from a gang.

I also got one idea for a bomb defuse. But I guess it would be too boring.


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Thanks. Atleast one who can understand(?). :)

Everyone else said something like "What!? Why? Just take part with your current map!". But I do not want that.

Right from the start I had a bad feeling about taking part with a map that I already started.

Maybe the decision to make a new map came too late. But I work more efficient when I have not that much time. So, we will see.



And also Good luck to you. ;)


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I change the name from cs_cristal to cs_tori (). This is japanese and means bird.

Two reasons for the name:

  1. My map looks like it could take place in japan. (But it is not inspired by any japanese place.)
  2. My layout concept on paper looks like a Bird (the lower part):


(I got a really bad cam..)

I found this picture of a japanese bird today:


Looks similar right? :)

I also changed the setting, it takes place in a peacefull looking environment. Not at a dirty place where you have to rescue hostages from a gang.



I finished the layout in hammer and started to texture and added a few details. I will continue to texture and detail it as much as possible. I wanted to create models for the rocks but maybe there is no time for that. I wil make them as displacement and replace them if I got time.

I now know how to model in Blender, but not how to create UVs, how to texture it and how to integrate it in hammer. Models will most likely be made after the first phase of the contest.





Early stage. Textures, light, etc. are not final.


















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Five days left. And I Still got hard work to do.

Finding the right textures and editing them took very long. But I guess it was worth the effort.


Here are a few pics of the current state. To save time I made them inside Hammer.























I took holiday. I did many mistakes at work, because I was always thinking about the contest. :lol: Happily I always check my work afterwards so I can correct all the mistakes.


So, I should be able to replace all the grey blocks with displacements and add a few more details.

I also have to do the optimisation, create the minimap, integrate sound, lighting, clip the map so no one can climb unwanted places, ..

We will see how much I can do in 5 (4 I don't work Sundays) days. I'm excited. :)


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You mean I should use shortcuts? I do, but never thought about to disable this window to save space. Or is there any other reason why I should disable it?

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cs_tori fully playable version:

Workshop Link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1217257648


Got no time for screenshots or more infos. It is 5:10 in the morning. Want to sleep for one hour so I can stand up and go to work.

Edit: Had to update it 3 times because I missed to include some textures.. 3 times.. Hah time to sleep.. oh no.. time to go to work.


It takes longer then thought to create such massiv rocks/cliffs. Gameplay is finished also the visuals need some work.


Have fun. :)


Feedback is always welcome.

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I only worked a few days on cs_tori after my last post.

I gave myself a deadline. I will release the "final" version of  cs_tori at the latest on 31. July 2018. If the map is a success I will improve it and continue mapping. If not..


Edit: Next Workshop-Update will come with a few smaller Gameplay changes. Probably next Wednesday.


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On ‎5‎/‎2‎/‎2018 at 2:23 PM, Ringel said:

Thanks. :D


The update will be postponed, because of high workload at work. ;(

Thats ok, things happen... Also, if you don't mid me asking, whats that strange white object in your last 2 screenshots?

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