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Monthly challenge

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I think it would be great if we have monthly challenges.
It could be things that take from a few hours to a weekend.

It should be mostly about crazy ideas, and making something you normally won't.

For example

-a vertical map
-a surf map
-one room with exactly 200 props
-every brush should be a moving entity
-100 headcrabs
-no lights, only flashlight
-a map where you fall down and have to dodge object
-a basic floor plan, where we stack them later to make one map
-a map under a 45deg angle
-a 4 player co-op map

who's with me?

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I like the idea that those challanges are small and wont take up too much time. Most of the time on contests you need to fully commit yourself to it, to finish the map before the deadline. Would be fun to participate on these small challanges as a side thing besides a main projects.

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