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Wow this looks awesome! I'll have to run around this later.

Also the Source 2 hammer workflow is interesting for creating props, what was your reasoning behind it? Just something you were used to or did you feel it was more efficient?

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This looks really cool, and brings me back to the glory days where every new day a new quality map would pop up in the server browser. Also, the prop-creation thing is interesting, I didn't even know you could do that with Source 2, this only amplifies my hype for the engine.

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thanks all, :)

I'm curious ab the "sudden" source 2 interest considering i made this map that I posted here a few years back, which pretty much follows the same workflow as this, guess interest has grown over the past ~3 years since the source 2 alpha tools were released,

regarding this self explored workflow, I prepared a long post, but forgot to post it, and now its gone :( ...the gist was:

1. make a map in source sdk
2. import it into source 2 hammer (it reads vmf and uses the same units)
3. build your props to fit the map (just like source hammer; s2 hammer can't export mdl so a 3rd party application is needed)
4. export your props as fbx and import into a application that can export smd/mdl, like blender (free), xsi (free), maya, 3ds or modo
4a. fbx saves uv coords, but its not possible to uv unwrap/island for baking in s2 hammer, that's done in a 3rd party application
5. export to smd/mdl (if you have a qc compiler) and bring back to source sdk

valve.developer is the place to go for documentation, dota2 tools and destinations tools ...mixed with your own curiosity and creativity!
(but I'm pretty sure there will be tutorials on youtube etc once there is enough incentive to make em)

I'll quote myself from two years ago and say the source 2 hammer is still "awesome"! and if you haven't tried em I think you should!!

note: there is nothing special with this workflow, I've used maya/max for the past 15 years, but found this more enjoyable, hope it helps,

if you have specific questions I'll try and answer them, thanks

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13 hours ago, Christian H said:

This looks fantastic! Might I ask how many hours you put into it? I'm trying to get a feel for what a reasonable time limit is for a finished map.

thanks :)

started working on it in December 2016, and released it end of February 2017, probably did 1-3 hours most days with a 3 weeks downtime over Christmas, here is the full Update history https://tf2maps.net/downloads/dewm.2853/updates

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On 5/15/2017 at 9:10 AM, blackdog said:

Mention Source 2, win the internets.


I'll join the crowd and say this looks great, but I am also interested in this Source 2 workflow!

Ahaha, this reminds me my all-time top post on Reddit is literally "Source2".


This map looks coolio.

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