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[CSGO] de_ServerCloud

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Hello Mapcorer, my name is Sebastian aka Rated and i am here to show you my progress on my bomb defusal map for CSGO. I am working for the past few days on it and it tuned out great so far. I just got out of the Alpha status of the map and it is now in Beta. I am heavely using Nuke Props for this map beqause they fit well with the map. Map is still missing atmo sounds, some Textures for the Floors and Serverrack Props. But i am about to change it, maybe with help from this Community. What you can expect in this map are straigt paths, so it will be a Sniper Heavy map but also verry close quarter'ish. Full compile time is about 45min.

Anyways  here is the Link to the Steam Workshop page with pics and Download -> CLICK

If you have some suggestions please let me know, i will then try to improve the map. I already improved the rotation time by about 7-10 seconds, so it is about 20 sec. now to fully rotate.


Edit: Had to change the map name beqause there is already a "de_server" map in the Workshop.

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