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Holy shit guys, this was good, this was really fucking good!

I was not expecting something so high budget to actually be very "experimental" in it's storytelling, this is no Spielberg movie at all, so go in with an open mind. It feels very cold and claustrophobic. 

I love how the movie doesn't follow the usual Hollywood "heroes journey" kind of storytelling, and instead tells the story of a particular place (a city in this case), in a particular time and that is it. It felt incredibly raw which is surprising. 
There's also a stark contrast to a more recent movie I've seen lately, War for the Planet of the Apes which is a good movie, but could not possibly be more formulaic, whereas Dunkirk thinks outside the box and shits in it.

I need to let this set in my mind for a few more days, but it's another winner for Chris Nolan in my book.


Some people criticize for not being able to connect to any character, since there's an unusual absence of a "main character" but it didn't bother me at all, quite the contrary it allowed me to sort of zoom out a little bit and focus on what was going on and not be distracted by soap opera and emotional shit!

It's pure war. it's raw and bleak there's no mercy. I also loved it how you never really see the enemy. Loved it.


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The movie was really good, Intense. 

Edit: Now that I have had time to let it sink in a bit more, the movie is fantastic, that feeling of raw war is there and it works well.  I love how they made the most mundane and minor scenes feel epic and more intense than that of any war movie.  A few spots in the film, the music became a bit excessive, to the point of annoying, however, the IMAX bass was a bit overkill because of it.  The majority of the ost was brillant!

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Just saw Dunkirk yesterday, and man was it good! Some seriously beautiful shots in this film.

I didn't know much going in, so seeing how the stories were stitched together was very interesting. 

Also loved how the majority of the film was told through the character's actions and didn't rely as much on dialog. I felt it added weight to a lot of the scenes.

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