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[CS:GO][WIP] de_yacht (demolition mode)

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On 6/18/2017 at 1:04 AM, tchick said:

The map still need some heavy optimisation, there are some huge fps drops (at T spawn the whole map is in line of sight and I didn't find a way to fix that for the moment)

I called a guy who knows a guy who knows another guy and he said there might be a solution to your problem :B

I had a real quick run in your map and both CT and T spawns are greatly dropping in fps; the map is mostly prop-based, something that could be turned to your advantage instead of being an overhead burden.

The magic word here is occluders.

Use them in both CT and T spawns to cull as much props as possible and try to maximize their area for the maximum effect.

Another thing to do is double down on areaportals; you added couple of areaportals around the map but many doorways and room entrances are still without ones.

A third thing you could do is have a big outdoor areaportal from one edge of the skybox to the other while neatly tracing the contour of the ship in the middle; this way the view frustum culling effect should kick in when the player is at either spawn sites (the system should be tested to see if the gains in fps are important, otherwise abandon it)

Lastly, make sure to have aggressive props fade distance for all small and trivial props; it helps a lot with fps issues.

The theme and art are really nice and the overall atmosphere is relaxing :)

I liked the easter eggs in the form of art/paintings on the wall and the "shameless plug" in the magazines and the small blue cube :D

Good luck

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On 2017-6-18 at 2:19 PM, 'RZL said:

Well I for one like the night theme.

I'm not saying I don't like it, just that seems a bit dark for a CS map. I've only seen the screens tho, haven't played, maybe at that point the feeling g is different.

Speaking of which, is subscribing to a map the only way to try one in CSGO? Just i don't play regularly and is a bit annoying that the game goes through downloading all the custom maps when re-installing the game. Workshop isn't very usable imo, I would like a quicker/easier way to manage maps... but maybe I'm just not aware(?).

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dont know if anyone said this but machinery room below deck looks all too gray, thrown in some color in the mix or warning stripes etc. see how it looks even if its a fancy boat and all haha

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