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Mapcore Introductions Thread

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Hello folks! Thought I'd introduce myself as I've not been around for a while, I'm FRAG I'm a level designer for Operation Black Mesa & I'm also a Technical Demonstrator at Plymouth College o

Hey guys! My name is Tune and I'm from USA. I often went by a few online aliases like "Prototstar", "Naamtune", and most recently, "CannedTuna". I started my venture in to game modding and d

Hey, my name's ThunderKeil, or just thunder for short. That's keil as in Donnerkeil, the german for thunderbolt. If you're wondering, yes, a german friend has since told me that's not the commonly use

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Hi, i'm Furiosa, 2 years experience mapping in CS:GO, only one map that has been released on Steam Workshop, lack of skill.

Most of the time i'm only read many good posts, rarely post because my english not good :lol: 

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Hi there, my name is Chris and I'm a freelance concept artist.

This may sound like an odd question, but how do I make a post here? I'm browsing in subforums like Services and 2D and I don't see any sort of button to start a new thread. Am I missing something here?

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Hello! I am new to this forum community, so apologies for any mistake done  Smiley!
So, this (vaguepixels) is a gamedev team which comprises of 3 people who are trying to currently make a game, called "Alter Army", and are going to release the demo and the trailer soon! 
So, what about us? Undecided

We are a game development team, based in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India, which has three people in it, one is a pixel artist, designer and the programmer(name's Mridul Pancholi! Cool), one does music, design and marketing(called Mehul Sharma Wink), and a newly joined bro who is a marketer too(m.. me.... Mridul Bansal Who, Me?)! 

So, that's a little bit about the team, but what about the taste of us and the experience and all, so here it goes:
But before I start, I'd like to not write the names again and again, so I'll give everyone their chance to write about themselves!

Mridul Bansal - I sought to be a scientist when I was around 5 years old, and I got firmly into science and programming waay before than these two, got into design and made blogs and websites with the help of my elder brother who's also got the guts to be in the computer-field right from the beginning! 

Mridul Pancholi - Nothing like the upper one, but I started GameMaker in 2009, 7 years from now, and I am here now, the pixel artist and the programmer for the team. I was born in a family where every second person is independent worker and influencer, not on a large scale, but atleast for me! Once I wrote about my journey with "Little Fighter 2", here https://thegamedevd.wordpress.com/2015/11/06/the-humble-beginning/ (no promotion though, this blog is no longer updated Tongue)

Mehul Sharma - I have grown playing Super Mario and many many games on the gameboy, but not like the upper two! Just going to school and playing when my Mom was not home and playing when she was home, and eating and sleeping was my only thing. But I wanted to be a game developer because I looked into games differently. Both of the Mriduls helped me being a game developer. 

So that's us, we met in our 8th Grade and are still together as Vague Pixels. 

Vague Pixels was formed in April with Mehul and Mridul Pancholi being the first two, and later in May, joined Mridul Bansal!

So that's about us, all about us!!  Shrug

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Hi everyone!

New to the forum - looks pretty active in here, nice!

My name is Janne and I'm representing Supecyan. We are creating professional grade assets and tools for game developers of all shapes and sizes. Our stuff is carefully designed, handcrafted, tested and updated. Coming from game development ourselves, we know what it takes B) You can find us mainly in the Unity Asset Store.

I'll be posting our stuff under the Employment -> Services subforum so do check it out time to time. If you like what we are doing, do follow us on Twitter to get the latest news, updates and promotions!

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