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Mapcore Introductions Thread

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Hello, I am a french student who is trying to get into CS:GO mapping. I'm currently working on my first competitive-ish map and came here thanks to some guy on reddit while looking for people to play it (I'll do the proper survey thing once I'm done with the post and the screenshots).

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Hello folks! Thought I'd introduce myself as I've not been around for a while, I'm FRAG I'm a level designer for Operation Black Mesa & I'm also a Technical Demonstrator at Plymouth College o

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Yo! Final year Sheffield student studying Games Software Development here. Been mapping for a fair few years for Source games now, and yet never found this place before. Only recently properly mapped for CSGO as I'm pretty terrible at the game (like most things in life :o ) but needed something to do for a Uni project that could provide me with a great research topic, so competitive CSGO mapping it was!


So yeah, hi. :)

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Hi MapCore community!

My name is Alex and I have been creating games for the last 5 years. I started making very basic c++ based rogue-like games and have since moved on to use Unity and the Unreal Engine.

I currently work with a company called KinematicSoup and our goal is to build tools that help Unity developers. We are all game developers who decided we wanted to help other developers build games.

I will primarily be using this account to check out new ideas & content as well as for giving updates on my personal and KinematicSoup related projects.

Looking forward to being a part of the community!


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