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Mapcore Introductions Thread

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2 hours ago, Radu said:

@Bastion you tell us, man. How's it going at Splash Damage? Do you have any gmod maps to show us?

Splash has been an absolutely great experience, almost hit my 2nd year, time flies by real quick.

And in regards to maps, Yes I do

Here are some pieces I had done for gmod sandboxes, mostly as favours for mates.

Handy thing about these maps was that I did get to try out a good range of themes and ideas i've been wanting to check out for a while, even made antlion sandtraps for the first time.









And some blockout type things, not many on here since I'm just sharing images I've already uploaded, got more to show when I get home





Also some hl2 SP scripting to make things play a bit differently


Was kinda curious to see if I could make civil protection not be suicide chargers. had to cheat with scripted sequences, but it's kinda functional


Alarms were cool as I set them up to also trigger reinforcements to arrive, so there was some impact to getting the alarm sorted early



Now that I am out of gmod sandboxes, I'm checking out a different area I was curious about.

That would be Synergy mapping, figure some HL2 Co-op maps would be a fun experience to get into, and not seen all that often.

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