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Saw some gameplay, it's deffo classic CoD, in a good way. 

I actually really liked the previous CoD game, sci-fi galore. But I guess this is a welcome even if predictable change of pace. 

I'll probably stay away from MP since Quake Champions will keep me busy but am very much forward to play the campaign. 

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I can't say that I really enjoyed the sci-fi direction of previous entries. The artistic direction seemed quite weak.

I'm glad to see that they're incorporating objectives in their MP play. It's an effective way to force some flow into the levels. There will still be a lot of running and gunning, but at least you'll get the sense that there's a goal to it. I have to say, after playing Day of Infamy for so long, the movement and weapons seem a bit fast.

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26 minutes ago, blackdog said:

holo on the BAR?!?! Hope there's not too crazy stuff, already was noticeable the chance of reloading the Garand whenever you want…

other than that I appreciate the flow of movement, the way it seems possible to go from running to prone etc

The "holo" sight on the BAR is actually a Nydar sight, which were a real thing and can be found here and there today. And being able to manually eject and reload the M1 Garand clip has always been possible, by holding down the button on the left of the bolt and pulling the operating rod back.

Now one thing I noticed is the kar98 with "extended magazine", showing what looks like a trench magazine, which were a thing since World War 1. However they were not detachable as depicted in the game, but rather mounted in the triggerguard where the floorplate had been removed, allowing the soldier to load up to 20 rounds into the weapon rather than 5 with stripper clips. In the video, after a reload, the weapon shows holding 7 rounds. I know, I know: MUH BALANCE! But come on.

And Lewis machine gun without the barrel shroud... what the actual fuck.

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Ah, thanks for the info. I always heard people saying the M1 would ping to prompt reload and that wasn't possible/very inconvenient to reload before using all ammo.

I thought there might be something but the general feeling is that they are mixing weapons from different scenarios or time in the conflict. Always heard the tommygun had the large mag on the Pacific front…

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