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59 minutes ago, ElectroSheep said:

Haha seriously, beta already full of cheater :)


The menu is not well done and difficult to understand, not ergonomic at all. 
The sounds of some weapons is flat.
Everything looks big or should I say "zoomed"...I don't know how to describe this feeling...even when I put a bigger FoV the elements were not smart...

The new 'war' mode is like a simple corridor where everyone launch their nades, it was not fun for me and I quickly qui the session. 

I had good time in the 'team deathmatch' mode because it was fast and it played well but I'm not sure it will be enough for me to play...at this stage, only the solo mode is interesting me. 

I'm a bit disappointed and I'll continue my way on BF1 I think. Arf.

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