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Programmer for Half-Life 2 mod, DownFall [unpaid]

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I am looking for a code monkey to work on a Half-Life 2 mod, DownFall, the first chapter has been recently released on Steam for free. Reception by the community has been very positive.


I have begun work on chapter 2 and realised there's some stuff I can't pull off without some custom code.

I just need a couple entities fixed (env_projectedtexture, acid dmg), some changes to func_tracktrain & a new entity trigger_gunfire (can be based off trigger_rgpfire) and maybe some AI changes for antlion workers (charge / suicide behaviour).

Optional tasks: porting to Linux, OSX, implementing achievements.



- Previous experience with Source is required.
- Having released a mod using the Source engine is prefered but not required.
- This is an unpaid project.
- This isn't some crazy overambitious project, it has a small scope and wont take years of work.

The codebase + edits must be uploaded to github, so I can keep control over the project.


Either email [email protected] or add me on Steam
(make sure to leave a message on my profile or I will not accept!)

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FMPONE said it was okay. But maybe it would be a good idea to have a separate subforum for stuff like this?

I've clearly tagged it as unpaid, in hopes of avoiding confusion. I know mapcore isn't moddb, but there aren't that many Source centric communities around anymore.

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