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Feedback for my first cs:go map: Paster

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This is my FIRST CSGO map, and is still under construction. The map is located next to a water dam in a factory that takes the water to generate electricity. As you can see there are still some props missing, as well as almost all the details, problems with textures ans allignment. They will be fixed soon.

Screenshots and Workshop:

Requesting feedback on:

  • Layout
  • Detailing
  • Bombiste creation -General feedback

Known issues:

  • Radar works on the loading screen but not in game


If you can take a look and give some general feedback I would be so glad.


Thank you!

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5 hours ago, ItzOmega said:

No one gives feedback?

This is most likely because people tend to post their maps in the 3D section of the forum, and most people look there for csgo maps. This forum is not used that much.


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