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[CS:GO] Copenhagen (W.I.P - Formerly de_Riverside)

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3 hours ago, Bevster said:

Let's all hope you've finally cured the map of it's personality disorder :v. It's sad to see such a promising theme go, but if you're confident in the new setting - best of luck, just please commit and finish it, this map really deserves it.

I like that you didn't completely scrape it and kept a lot of structure from the older layout, but I think you're trying to rework in all the wrong places. Your previous map had very exciting and polished pathing into the bombsites and the bombsites themselves, but you seem to have abandoned that and gone for more direct and bold gameplay approaches for both teams. That's obviously not inherently bad, but you're reworking stuff that did not need any fixing, a simple theme redo would have been enough. Meanwhile your Middle is still kind of unexciting because it's just a glorified angled rectangle with two long connectors, very similar to it's previous version. Maybe new design decisions will prove me wrong, playtest it! :^)

Thanks for the feedback my friend :)))

I'm wayyyyyyy more confident in the new theme, since I have actual reference to base the buildings of. (Which I didn't have before). Also because people told me they couldn't figure out what place or planet that they were running around on.

Although I can agree on the layout changes I made. Too extreme for sure. I have a few ideas on pathways to each bombsite and the connectors, aswell as bringing some of the old layout back.

2 hours ago, Slimek said:

Looks very promising. Keep that up :)

Thanks! :)

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