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[CSGO] de_muscat (WIP)!

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Hey welcome to Mapcore,

I think playtesting your map would be a good idea but before that it could use some more work. First I should test the rough timings with friends, maybe test some cover spots and such and make sure the layout is alright. It feels to me some of the cover spots are randomly placed, while they should be placed tactticly to provide some nice gameplay.

I noticed all your brush faces have dev textures? Did you work with nodraw texture and are you known with them? If yes, then skip my explanation: Nodraw textures can be placed on the brush faces that are not shown, so you only texture the sides of the brush you can see ingame. Once you compile the map the nodraw wont be rendered, its good for optimising your map. I always create brushes with the nodraw texture selected and then just texture the side you can see ingame. An example of a path/floor has 6 brush faces. I only texture the upper brush face where you walk on, since you cant see the other brush faces ingame. There are lots of tutorials on youtube.

If you want to test your map you should have a working radar. There are lots of tutorials on youtube.

Your map can use some more work to tell us more about the theme. I have no idea where this map is located, if its modern or old, city or industrial or in space or nature? You can simply work some more on your brush work. If its a village you can add roofs to the blocks that should be houses for an example. You shouldnt put too much time into that now but just a litle more. Because surely your first layout will change alot during the progress.

Also you can variate in the dev textures a litle. The paths has the same color grey as the walls. Would be better to give some contrast there for a better view.

I dont know if you thought about it, but you should use the clip texture to block things to prevent players and the bomb to get on places you dont want them to be and use playerclip to smoothen your map like for an example on stairs. Also there are tutorials about clipping.

A last thing, look at original maps and learn from them. Your layout can use alot of work. Just go and see what the official defusal maps look like. What is the size of the map? So how long are the rotations from bombsite to bombsite? How much time CT gets before T arrived at the bombsite? How much options does T have to attack each bombsite and how much entrances they have to defend once they planted the bomb and etc. The current layouts do work for a competetive defusal game so yeah you can learn/use alot from existing maps.

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Yes I am planning to edit the map design a lot. I also agree that I should change the cover positions and a radar should be coming soon

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