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de_outferno final version


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I decided to refurbish one of my old maps, namely de_sultan2 and to rename it to de_outferno. I changed the old dust theme with the new inferno theme.

For the moment the map is in beta stage and lacks many details. The layout it's designed for a casual type of gameplay, however nobody can stop you to try it for competitive.

Since i don't want to flood the forum with screenshots you may check them on the workshop page.

Here is the radar image: 


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Hey Serial,

I know this map is made with a casual gameplay in mind but I think it can also serve as a good competetive map. I walked arround your map and I must say the layout is pretty much interresting. I love the tunnel that connects the bombsites! U did a neat job there. I like how the terrorists needs to use both options to attack a bombsite. Overal some stuff seems abit complicated and could be simplyfied a litle I think. 

For an example the entrance from CT to A bombsite. When you rotate trough CT there are so many angles to check. You got the hay car on your left, orange pickup truck and a pillar on your right. I would suggest to remove the orange pickup as CT has the hay car to defend arround and to put the entrance more to the left, where those double windows are. 


I can't really explain why, but this area feels so compressed. There are the woden doors that narrow the entrance alot and then on the left and right you got these walls sticking out towards the door alot. I don't know exactly what it is, but this part feels not right.


Overall midle feels really complicated. But it's hard to say how it would play.. It's abit of a deviant midle which could be interresting, I would atleast widen up this entrance a litle bit to the right.


This window feels to be really OP for CT rotation as you have a great overview on A bombsite. Also this window model requires two jumps because of the litle edge, that's pretty annoying. This window feels more interresting for CT then it is for T, but idk how that will be on a real 5 vs 5 playtest?


I love this part going to B bombsite, but also connecting with midle. This window makes it a litle of a risk to get to the midle window. It's cool to play arround the window/door to peek on B. The multipy jump thing to get here from B bombsite could be smoothen up a litle, I think I had to perform like 4 jumps? Also in this room there is this clauset that has a bad prop fade distance. Looking from that balcony I am aiming on, the clauset will be invissible. 


I suggest to lower the opacity of the beam lights since they disturb the view and have a negative effect on the visuals/gameplay. Last thing is this spot. I think it will be good to remove the barrels on the crate, so this CT player is vulnerable by the Terrorist that comes from the midle path. Also entering B main seems to be hard. Once you enter you have a 180 degrees view you have to check at once. You could think of changing the prop I am aiming on to something thinner. So it provides cover from the CT balcony and you can have a save peak on this spot first. 


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Thank you Roald for such an extensive feedback. You gave some good ideas. ;)

As about how this map behaves in game with real players, i know for sure that it's a little bit CT sided when playing on a server with 44 people. The original map was named de_sultan2, and i made it for CS:S back in 2010. And in late 2012 i had ported it to CS:GO. 5-7 years i had been observing the gameplay on this map countless times on public servers in my region. That mid it's not that complicated in game. To take site A the T's have to take mid and all the area behind the walls.

Those apartments on mid to B on T side are usually flooded with grenades, molotovs and smoke. That window that looks to site A it's one of the most "handgrenaded", "molotov-ed" and shooted areas, so there isn't much overpowering left to it.

The map itself does not want to be from the beginning a competitive one. I think it's too large for 5 vs 5.

All the competitive maps: dust2, cache, inferno,etc. become very CT sited at 32+ players. I know it from experience on public servers. I don't know how it is in Western Europe but in Eastern Europe there are many public servers of 32+ slots that are playing with team collision and friendly fire enabled, basically the competitive mode.

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Today i tested my beta3 version of the map on a public server that doesn't use steamworkshop and i let the map to be downloaded directly from the server. I encountered a blueish discoloration bug to many of the props, especially the shadows. However, when i download the same map from steamworkshop i don't have such bugs. Does anyone know an explanation for this peculiar phenomenon? 

the public server download, notice the blue discoloration of the prop's shadows.



workshop download, no discoloration bugs at all




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On 25.2.2016 at 6:02 PM, Deathy said:

I already stated in my post before, that it didn't solve the problem. Anyways, I guess I'll fiddle this around with patience. ^^


Okay, I've determined the cause of the problem. BrightnessScaleHDR and AmbientScaleHDR both had a value of 0.5. After setting both back to 1, the problem's gone. To be more precise: BrightnessScaleHDR cannot be lower than 1.

Kinda suspected it.

This might help. I had a similar problem after shadows got updated in CS:GO.

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I couldn't recreate it. However on the workshop i upload the map unarchived but on that public server i gave the map archived .7zip. Also not everyone noticed that discoloration, only like 30% of the players complained. Another weird thing is that the discoloration show up only when playing the map on that server, the same map played alone with bots doesn't show discoloration bugs at all.  That server is also using sv_pure 1. I don't know maybe it's blocking something.

@ Deathy

I never use BrightnessScaleHDR and AmbientScaleHDR at a value other than 1.


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After the last CSGO SDK update i encounter the following lighting problem regarding displacements after a final compile HDR only: Event though the props that are in contact with the displacements have the shadow disabled, the displacement looks like it is in the shade. If anyone knows a fix for this i will be grateful. Workshop link



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