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[CS:GO] de_brie

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This is my first map, and is inspired by the French village that my grandmother was born in, with a closed B site inside of a church under construction, and an open A site by a cliffside. Mid is going to be a wide countryside road passing through the village where fighting has already happened. The large wall blocking CT spawn from mid is supposed to be a barricade that the GIGN have set up to defend their entry position.

The map is currently slightly past the orange box stage, as all the cover props are down, and I have started texturing and detailing.

Here is an album of pictures from the map. It is available on the CSGO workshop here if anyone wants download it and give it a try.

Any feedback is welcome, in particular I'd like some feedback on the texturing so far and detailing of the building near A site.

I'm also wondering if this is far enough into development where it would be fine to submit for playtesting on the MapCore server (if that's still running?).

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