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[CS:GO] Riverside II

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40 minutes ago, madsenfk said:


- Mid has been made more narrow aswell as bombsite B
- Removed structure on bombsite B
- Path to B has recieved an indoor part
- Lighting has been changed to something more fitting for the theme I'm going for
- There's a bit of a river now around A
- B Connector has been changed up
- Ruins simplified just a bit (Main path to A from CT Spawn)
- Added fog

Not all things stated in the playtest has been added yet, such as reworking some of the connecting parts of the map, aswell as simplifying bombsite A etc.

But those well most likely ship the next update :P



Bombsite B.jpg

Looks great! Did you update the workshop map?

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Did some thinking today about a location the map could take place in, and I figured that I would do Copenhagen. This means that I have to re-iterate quite a lot.

And you know, I live there so if I ever need some specific reference from somewhere It's gonna be ez pz



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