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You Decide Mapcore's Future


What's Next for Mapcore?  

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  1. 1. Please choose one:

    • Unreal Tournament
    • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
    • Team Fortress 2
    • Source 2 Destinations
    • 1024x1024 unit contest (any game)
    • Black Mesa

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We could have a co-op themed contest with any games and platforms permitted, such as L4D2, CS:GO, UE4 etc. It could be cool so see what ideas people bring to the table when there are so many possibilities on many different games/engines.

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6 hours ago, FMPONE said:

How about a poll to determine if we need another poll?



As I got Black Mesa in one of the latest sales, I voted for that. Still Source accessible to everyone, a bit of a breather from CS themed stuff but still pleasant visuals. Options for MP or SP (I rather do SP eventually).

Still could be something that we put in a 1024x1024 contest.

Didn't vote for UT only because I'd like to work on UE4 but not within the UT frame (although still good experience).

And guys you seriously believe we are getting Source 2 tools for CSGO in the third-fourth quarter? Unless you have insider news I don't think that any of the recent news point to think something like that, the CSGO team in the recent "community" interview talked of implementig only a couple of systems from Source 2. I don't expect any migration to Source 2 renderer before 2018. Doesn't seem they have a team big enough for a project of that entity.

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