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[CS:GO] AM_Rooftops

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Created for the /r/csmapmakers Multi 1vs1 contest.
The single arena AIM version will soon follow. The plan is to enhance the visuals for the single arena version since 16 arenas kill any limit the Source engine has.



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51 minutes ago, SirK said:

Did you manage to get the Multiarena skybox working? 0o

Yeah, i just did some math when i placed the arenas and calculated where the buildings had to be in the skybox. From then it was just a "normal" skybox.

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Contest results came in:

7th place out of 49 submissions. Considering i just had about one week to work on this and removed a bunch of details due to engine limits, i am quite happy with the results. :hurg2: It was also pretty close together point-wise.

Reddit post


Feedback i received:



Wow - Amazing work on the 3d skybox. The masking of the structures in there with the arenas was a smart move. The ambience in the level is also amazing. Fog, sounds, 3d skybox. It's dope. There is great cover and the theme is amazing. The subtle coloring depending on T/CT side was a nice touch as well. I think the level is a tad too long, but it's not the end of the world since there is enough cover to push up with any weapon. Great work.



The gameplay is pretty good on this map, and the location and theme are really good. The grass on the rooftop is a bit strange and the 3D skybox is a little underdone.

Zelz Storm

Very nice theme, loaction is cool and 3d skybox is excellent + adding sounds.




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