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So hot with the nice skylights.

One minor piece of feedback I have is that it's hard to read the arrows on the <-B A-> screenshot. I know the arrangement implies B is left and A is right, I still think something can be done to make the arrows a bit more legible. Yellow on gray is making it a bit difficult. :)

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11 hours ago, Jonny Phive said:

I decided to spend some time taking classes and mentorships last year based on environment art. I felt if I could better understand environment art, I could hopefully become a better level designer. I embarked on a mentorship with Ryan Benno, a modeling course with Andres Rodriguez, and a foliage course with Jeremy Huxley. The following work is a byproduct of their incredible courses, fantastic teaching, and guidance. I strongly recommend each one.

I decided to work some of this new art back into Venom. Excited to share more soon!







This looks great Jon, please keep us updated with your progress!

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