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[CS:GO] Genesys (WIP)

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Hey there,

I've been working on this map for a quite some time, trying to balance things off, experimenting and getting some private feedback. Now I decided that it's time for me to show this "attempt" to this community. Would be great if you took a look at it and give it a go with some feedback.


Map setting

Riverdust is a (hopefully competitive)  5v5 defusal map set in a dusty environment that tries to implement a river as a gameplay element. Despite it's seemingly more of a complex layout, it strives to still be and feel pretty simple as well as easy to navigate. 


Background story

The terrorists try to weaken the economy of a local village/small town that is located somewhere in the coastal deserts, divided by a river. Terrorists have already managed to contaminate the river with deadly chemicals and to finish their job they have to blow up the local bomb and food stocks.

The counterterrorists are the only hope of local people, trying to hold off this strategic geographical point from the intruders. Will they save the day?



  • 10 player spawns for each team 
  • working radar
  • autogenerated nav. mesh
  • clipping
  • basic optimization


Workshop Link


Imgur Album


Layout Overview



And here are just a few images ...


T spawn



B long (T side)



T riverbank



River mid (T side)



Mid (CTs peak out from the broken wall ahead, forgot to take a reversed scrnt. :/ )



Bombsite B



Bombsite B



B underpass ( yeah I know the lamplight is messed up a bit atm..)



B to "overwatch'' connector



''Overwatch'' (low)



''Overwatch'' (heaven)



CT spawn



CT mid (facing spawn entrance)



Bombsite A



Bombsite A



A "palm'' (bombsite A behind the doors)



So what do you think ?


Thanks !




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Well I will try to give some feedback based on the images. I will take a look ingame some other time.

overal the map is looking really good. I lile the enviorment and the way u brought the theme with all the different shapes and stuff, it makes the map feel alive. The brown color palet you used seem to fit nicely. Though for both points I should be carefull. Too much eye candy can influence the gameplay in a bad way, too much attraction and a bad visuallity. Also for optimisation reasons it could become a problem.

The litle dark room is too dark. The light source seems to be too close to the ceiling. U can use env_sprite  insite the prop to light up the prop, a light_spot for some light effect and a light on midle height to light up the room in general.

Looking at your overview I kinda got lost already :D. You could simplify your map. Right now it seems you have too much paths to each site and too many connectors. T's seem to control mid to B + a minimum of 2 main paths. Mid to A seems useless and too much of a risk as they already have full control to 2 paths to A AND a connector to B.

Tip: first get the layout right before detailing/texturing. Make for T's 1 main path to each bombsite only and 1 connector from midle to each site that is worthfull risking. Also get rid of 'extra paths'. For an example T spawn. Keep one way to B, make only one to midle and one to A, get rid of the two connectors. Same goes for CT spawn and well overal in the map hehe

Then u could consider a additional path to the bombsite which is risky to use but has a total different angle for extra advantage when u succeed using it.

Not saying u cant use a deviant layout and u have to make use of the standard 3 path layout but that one has proven to work and other layouts are quite hard to make right.

Edited by Roald

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Thanks a lot for your feedback Roald !

Concerning the layout, I feel pretty similiar about this. However the whole problem is, having a straight river placed in the middle of the map kinda changes the meta of using a beneficial layout when it comes to LOS and timing. It ends up either having the mid-to bombsite-connectors too early or too late for the T's thanks to the river itself and also due to uneven distances of the bombsites . At first I have already tried to use the usual 3lane 4square layout here but it didn't work out that well here so to make it work I'd have to change the map completely.


When it comes to simplifying the layout perhaps one alternative way to go could be like this..


- since bombsite A is further away than B from T's and lower door entrance to A for T's is kinda chokey therefore easier to defend for CTs , I'd still keep that upper right route to A as well, otherwise taking A for T's could be like entering hell :D 

- the 2sec boost spot on CT spawn gives an option to CT guy going on A where he can suprise T's by popping out of A doors where meanwhile Ts would be just about in the middle of the bridge, this could patially compensate the 2 T routes to A thing

- removing the ladder/broken window connector would simplify the local area nicely, however not sure how it would play since CTs would have now only 2 actually usable entrances on A retake

- not sure how would B play for Ts, since they would have to pretty much fully commit themselves to B bombsite now and choosing to go mid when there is no other option left would cost them too much time, perhaps reestablishing the T side to mid connector could solve this 



I am messing around with the layout itself for about 3months now and try to ''outthink'' it by making a deviant layout work, however as you've already stated it's quite hard to execute. The more I think of it the less I know it seems :D Definetly will have to see how the layout as it is right now will play out in the playtests..







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Well I think yea those changes would help alot. Also I walked arround the map and photoshopped a overview for u with some ideas.

Overall there are much 'empty areas' and alot of corners that shouldn't be there, there is to much space to 'check' for enemies, you don't want that, u want to keep the map simple. I could put some screenshots here, but I also kinda cut em out in the overview so... 

Before I show the overview, first some minor things about some space, cover, seight lines and unessecary paths:


Here a overview with a more 3 path based layout. I personally think this will provide some balance for both teams. Oh and plz use a less distracting radar, get rid on unessecary props and areas (like the river) and make the walls black so it's more clear where the paths are. PLEASE NOTE these are my thought and view on how to create the layout. I see u clearly got a idea on what u want, but don't know yet on how to make it. U can consider this but also consider to do a playtest first and see how ur changes work out. 


1. I've add a connector from mid to A, this also provides a nice rotation for CT's. CT can decide now to push mid and get full control or defend back from A and only get a litle control. (blue or red seigh lines). So 3 on A and one pushing A main or both stay pasive on A and mid player plays more agressive.  

2. Connector from A main to midle is put more back, this way T's has less control allover the map. I think it's unbalanced right now so... This way CT's don't have to play agressive to win more space in the map but they can choose to (like Dust2 A long doors). 

3. Just like u did, got rid of useless paths and areas at T spawn. And I reduces some more areas aswell if u may noticed. 

4. Changes the main entrance from CT to B, the stair feld too long and kinda awkward. It would also be more logic, the entrance to B and the B long sniper part would be more clear I guess. 

EDITED IMAGE: Maybe haha yea lots of maybe's.. it's also a idea to keep the path from midle to B stair, what u called balcony on ur overview. Looking at this right now looks like 3 really long boring paths and it wouldn't give any OP benefits for T's except they are more mobile on THEIR side of the map 

Edited by Roald

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@Roald So I took your advice and gave it a go by simplifying and balancing the layout. Seems to feel better and work pretty well. Its kinda more balanced and that mid to A route connector for Ts revives mid and river pretty nicely . The CT-mid to A connector/entrance I added seems to work as well. 

I haven't yet gotten to B site and its routes, however I came up with one OK-ish cover spot on the site and removed that unnecessary cover on B bridge for Ts. Now it feels much more natural and it kinda explains the idea why there is a main B bridge route and another B river route to the site. 

Also that cover on T river-mid was not necessary so I removed it as well.


Here some screens..






mid to A doors and heaven connector





new B site cover



CT mid to A connector/entrance







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Hey there,

So after some time I decided to share the layout overview and some images based on the applied changes. I'm planning to tweak some things and finish up the clipping layer in the upcoming days prior to releasing the map on the workshop.











A few screenshots









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