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I couldn't find a topic.

@dux (he works for UWE)

I think we all know what the game is, so no video here.
Ok, I bought this game quite some time ago. Well it is not as great as NS2 (I played ns2 so much), it's still a really great game.

I wanted to give feedback to UWE for quite a while but I lost interest in the game. But with dux on the forum I will give it a shot :)

I really like the beginning. You start with almost nothing and slowly expand. The time it takes to craft more stuff in the beginning is really good. But after a certain amount of hours, things start to develop to slowly for me. It makes me realize to much that life is to short to play this game...

How I would like to see the game improve:

-I want a harpoon, harpoons are freaking awesome
-More interesting sea creatures to fight, I love fightings skulks, fades and lerks. I miss the skill ceiling in fighting sea creatures in subnautica. To gather food for example, you just swim around and press use at the fishes...
-Maybe this is fixed, but I really hated that when opening a door with a laser or putting out a fire, they would reset when you came back later... It's like the games keeps putting you back in time.
-As last and my most important thing that would actually would make me play the game again:

After a x amount of hours in the game I want harvesters, silo's and macs. Just like harvesters in red alert that go over the ground gather resources. After an x amount of hours I have the need to build more and bigger things. Base building is cool. But I got tired of collecting resources.
There could be silo's that are divided in 6 pie's. Where each slice could hold a different material. They could hold things like copper, scrap metal, gold, and other materials like that. But not batteries, knives, fish, and other stuff like that. When placing blue prints for things to build, the macs could go to a building that is connected to the silo's to gather the resources needed to finsih buidling the blueprint.
After a while a player will have more and more silo's, and more macs to build faster and faster.

Hope you can plant the idea as a seed in the head of charlie cleveland :)

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It's out now. We're all off for a lie down.    

Mapcore feels kinda dead or we're all too busy making games these days to post much anymore but Subnautica is out on consoles for the 4th of December if anyone wants to play it on that platform.

We got nominated for a BAFTA  Hippty Hoppity give us that original property. http://www.bafta.org/games/awards/original-property-2019

Cool, glad you like it.

As for your comments:

Subnautica is designed with a non lethal approach. There are no weapons in the game that can kill apart from the knife and that is how it will stay.
I'd suggest you go deeper :)
It's an EA title so bugs like that do exist and we are aware of pretty much every bug in the game, our database is huge from all the user reports which is great. But we are a small team and fixes to take for us.
There are farms and solar plants in the game. I don't know when the last time it was you played but the game has an array of methods in helping you gather resources. But from the sounds of it you want something like Factorio.

I'd suggest you give it another go soon. We are releasing a new update to the game in the next couple of days.

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Would like to mention a quick bug in the new version, so you don't end up like me.

Been playing on hardcore mode, I like a challenge where I actually have to be careful in game, although I've encountered a pretty lethal bug now with the update, not sure if it occurred before the update but it appeared today. I was in my Cyclops submarine and about to get out through the hatch at the bottom of the ladder, I climbed down the ladder and then immediately clipped into the floor of the cyclops which in turn caused the cyclops to start throwing itself around with me trapped to it, being thrown around like that was enough to greatly injure my character and clip him outside of the sub.

And since the game thought I was still in the cyclops, I didn't trigger swimming and promptly fell to the ocean floor where I was finished off by the fall damage.

Given it was a hardcore mode save file with only one life before you have to give up that run, I've been completely screwed.

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I just found this forum and on the top I see this thread, perfect:

I'm really trying not to play many games right now, but gave Subnautica a shot last week after going through my untouched Steam games. I played right into the Silent Running update that released just about an hour before I got the Cyclops.

I had to stop myself from playing (and do more work) after accumulating 37 hours in just a couple days. The games atmosphere is crazy and I wasn't surprised once I noticed Unknown Worls was the developer. I've clocked 175 hours in NS2. Also, the sound effects when you're finished repairing the stuff in your crashed capsule are definetly a remix from NS2 when a room is supplied with power ;).

I love the approach that Subnautica takes towards progression. While in most games progression happens through accumulating experience or is in another form randomized (I'm looking at most survival games here, the same genre. Tho a lot of games rely on progression not tied to the world, but to an action. Do/Kill stuff = experience), in Subnautica the player has to go out of their way and actual feel like a survivor. Maybe I've overlooked games that do this in the last months/years, but it stood out to me. The progression is tied to the story in a non-linear way, tho the player is getting lured to important places by adding the distress signals and other story parts. Therefore he has the choice to follow the guides or roam free. The distress signals also hint towards new technologies. No matter which way you "choose", the design of the environment, its inhabitants and actor placement makes it very fast very clear that to progress you need to engage in this world. Staying on the surface won't make for a great experience, since you will miss out on all the technology. At times this game felt like a horror game (and still does), when you dive into the depths without knowing what you might find that could potentially end you. As with all games over time this feeling will fade and faded for me too, when I started mapping out the world in my head, knew that a Stalker wasn't really a danger and that a Repulsion Cannon in my inventory will downgrade Mesmers to mere nuisances (The Leviathan will never get not scary I guess..). But because the game strikes a great balance between safety and uncertainty (and I'm far from having seen everything) and plays in 3D "space" that lets you go in all directions with different biomes and surprises, it feels for a very long time like a tense and fresh experience to leave your home base (if you've built one, I probably should build rather multiple smaller ones).

Surely not everybody has the same experience, but for me it was outstanding. I shouldn't forget to mention again that the atmosphere is amazing, the world feels alive and sounds amazing. I didn't think the difference between seeing a video and playing yourself would be that big. But it is. Hat off to the team for such a great game and also for the publicly availalbe Trello that gives great insight in the development process.

Also I want to add that having played both I don't know how one could compare NS2 and Subnautica. I mean, you can compare everything when it comes to it. But NS2 being a pure multiplayer game and Subnautica being a pure singleplayer game, and both being in different genres one surely can like one or the other more, but I don't think you could say that one is "greater" than the other.

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Disclaimer - I work for UWE, but haven't worked on Subnautica. So glad you're enjoying it Saiodin, they've really nailed it. I played it for the first time a few months ago and I was blown away by it. It's so atmospheric! I can't wait to play the final product.

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A programmer at my work has been telling me for months how much he loves Subnautica and asks me why I haven't played it yet. For the longest time every lunch hour he would take out his laptop and play. 

I bought a copy but still haven't tried it yet. Hoping to in Feb when I get a bit of time off. 

There's definitely a bunch of fans at Relic :)

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So I was watching yday a video of someone’s base/house and my thought was “how much of a bitch would be to clean the outside”, then in the cinematic trailer there’s a shot of a house covered… you have growth of corals etc on the structures you build @dux?

Also does it have a storyline or is all emergent gameplay?

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