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theres some high end graphical stuff to be done but that's about it

i made a thread back in 2014 for this map so yeah idk

there are some props from resort that weren't packed but i'll try to get them fixed quickly

















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We played this map yesterday and the biggest surprise (except for "squeaky") were the spawns. Within seconds both teams encoutered eachother and began a slaughterfest. It was epic, but probably not the intention of this map. I think you should reconsider the layout of the map while keeping already existing parts, since both bombsites looked okay on their own. 

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most of the map wasn't working, i deleted a filter_team for the squeaky doors while making the radar image AND if you sandwich a func_door_rotating between two func_brush entities like i did; it'll break them and force unnecessary workarounds.

now though we get these no glock signs on the B doors

i probably have to prevent bullet penetration in the lobby next to B also

we should be able to enjoy the full bodied orange flavor this thursday, for really once i get rid of the door noises -.-


if i could change the layout to include the cedar creek area for deathmatch mode too that'd be pretty sweet




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