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3ds Max UVs for Hammer Guys-n-Gals

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One of the things that I've learned over the last several years is that Hammer users coming to 3ds Max struggle mightily with texturing objects. And unfortunately, 99% of the videos/tutorials for unwrapping and texturing are targeted at complex UV work generally for organic models. There isn't as much good info for new users to do the kind of texturing common with brushes (Planar UVs that flow seamlessly across objects and that generally use tiling textures). As such, I've got a set of videos lined up to feed a new set of information specifically for this kind of work.

Here is the first video for this. Enjoy.


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Man! Thank you so much for this! I was struggling all day with the UV's and spent all morning watching videos and NO ONE spoke about those modifiers!!

Thank you very much for all your hard work, I love what you do for the mapping community, I would have never got this far without your software and I'm sure I'm not the only one here!!

P.S.: Love you again!

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