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Eric Matyas

Building a Library of Images for Everyone

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Wow…I can’t believe we’re in December already….I feel like it was just summer! Well, okay then…to start off the month, new seamless images are ready for your projects on these pages:


TXR – BRICK – Cartoon


TXR – STUCCO – Cartoon

I’ll be working on more cartoon-style fabric textures this week…


…as well as starting a new page for cartoon-style fur images.

And more new music updates coming on Wednesday.

Have a good week!

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I can’t believe we’re halfway through December already…I hope everyone’s having fun getting ready for the holidays…(around here, it’s pretty much mayhem…you know…“wreck the malls” and all that.)

Anyhow, new seamless cartoon-style images are ready and waiting here:

TXR – BARK - Cartoon


TXR – FUR – Cartoon


New music will be posted on Wednesday…hopefully some of it will be helpful as well.

Keep being creative!

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Hi everyone,

I just added a new page of alien skin textures…I’m sure they could be used for other things as well….(feel free to edit as needed.) I’ll be expanding this page in the coming weeks:



Be sure to check my music thread on Wednesday…lots of brand new tracks are coming out.

And to kick off 2019, I’ll be starting a new section for game art…backgrounds, sprites, etc.

Have a happy (and safe) new year!

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