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[CS:GO] de_armory (before Lab)


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Been working some more!

Also add some fog to the map which makes the enviorment looks way gbetter IMO.

It's ofcourse not done but I guess it gives a good impression of what I want with the map.

EDIT: Anyone up for making a nice sign model for this map to replace the nuke model at T spawn?

edit2: images removed









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My impression from playtest:

I really like this map alot! The theme is great with the grungy elements used in a cool way with the military flavour (still love the tank). The 2 sites are the thematic centerpieces which they should be (and alot of maps miss). The drops from the CTs on the platforms are awesome! rotations and balance also seemed pretty spot on.


20170113211215_1 copy.JPG

This long stretch of railing is a little brutal and i think it could be broken up in some interesting ways: maybe add a small booth to control the crane (like that higher up section that players cant reach) but with glass windows towards the tank?


20170113211148_1 copy.JPG

This area feels like its the lobby/main entrance area and i think it needs to reflect that in the layout as well as connect to the rest of the map. the two paths going to mid im a little unsure about:

20170113200839_1 copy.JPG

its not a very strong "choice" which of the 2 paths the T's commit to here (when coming from T spawn into mid) - sure one leads to a door and the other is more open, but i feel a branching path like this needs a little more justification (usually it would be differentiate between tempo, risk and/or positioning) or give some alternate way of supporting whoever goes the other path.

smaller details:

20170113195906_1 copy.JPG

the "fake" door on the right isnt blocked off as clearly as the one in B and can be confused with the openable door thats close.

20170113195738_1 copy.jpg

I like this pit for dramatic effect but it produces some annoying coli - either fence it or have a death pit :) (maybe some toxic waste from the tank-production?)

Finally there's 3 openable doors which is maybe a couple too many - it can be a bit confusing if there's more than one of them, as doors are usually used as call outs. I like the one at B the most and would keep that and rethink the others. I think the way T enters mid could be changed too given some stronger choices. (maybe one is elevated for sniping but requires a drop ?)

Please take this map all way dude! (unless your next map is as progressively better as this one is)




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Hey @spa thanks alot!

1. I love the crane control room idea! Also the space in that turn below is really empty, I will make something that fixes the emptyness of both, upper and down of the turn. 

2. The lobby aint a real lobby indeed, too many paths and stuff. But also because it's now boring and empty. Maybe I will get rid of the whole door, and make like a window thing u could jump through. It will also reduce the many doors in the map to 2 doors. Or I get rid of the whole door route idea for T's as mid is kinda T sided. But I was also thinking of replacing the big cover in the midle with something smaller, so.. yea dam choises!

3. I barricaded the door at B so there is no 'gay' spot where u can hide, now u have to get on top of the props. The difference between the doors opening and closing are the models/textures. Maybe I could litterly barricate the other one.. I'll think about that

4. The jump, I have removed the clip in the new version. So now u can jump down and climb back up. It was annoying indeed. 

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Hey Mapcore, I worked on the feedback I got from two playtests. 

I am kinda searching of a nice night skybox. I found one but it has a ocean as down image and a hugeee moon so that sucks :D

But yea It should be something like this. For now I will do some more detailing and continue my search.









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Some more changes

- new skybox that does fit

- Some custom assets from other source engine games (Insurgency/DoI)

- Build a own elivator with brushes to replace the vertigo prop

- Some texture changes and some minor details added.

MORE IMAGES: http://imgur.com/a/ar3NG




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21 hours ago, w0llmart said:

if you really like the skybox you can clone stamp the moon out with minimal effort


grimmnight is a pretty decent skybox although it too has a moon and clouds so depending on your perspective it could be harder to disguise

I didnt thought about stamping the moon away. But also the stars are so bright and stuff, it feels more like a space skybox

Right now I am using the panj_night skybox from inserguncy that fits well with the mountains on the bg, a normal sized moon and some stars and clouds

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2 hours ago, WhatGrenadeWhere said:

Map is looking great @Roald. How did the 2nd play test go?

Hey thanks @WhatGrenadeWhere

The test went well! They were all positive and liked how the map played. Only critic was the fact I had 3 doors.

I have done some minor changes in the layout including the things Spa mentioned aboth. Currently there are 2 doors in total. Each on one site and I rebuild T entrace to midle.

Right now I am working on the background and then I will make a 3D skybox. But yea I struggle on this part and lost abit of motivation. Afther I done this I will request a playtest on Reddit 5vs5 to check the balance

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Hey Mapcore,

I have chosen to keep the map simple as it is for now and release it. 

Next week it will be tested on Reddit and maybe that will result in a few small changes, but nothing drastic I hope. 

Workshop link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=864075927








- fixed a few small things

- I have add a heli drop off for CT's



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