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Normal Map - A newbies Search


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So this weekend, I took a break from the dragon, and started doing some Normal map experiments. I have this panzer tank i made a while back which was 126,321 polys and I made a low poly version which is 7218, so i model around the tank, so the polys are close to each other. Then render to texture and bam! the normal map is pixelated to hell!. Even when rendering at 2048x2048. The normal map doesn't look like anything i've seen online. Am i doing something horribly wrong :(, so now its Monday and I'm back to the dragon but I wanted to post my problem for some feedback.

2 models


Normal Map with pixelation and craziness :(


low poly with crazy normal map


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just looking at it from a glance i can see some odd uvw errors. try remapping a small piece very cleanly and see how well that converts to a normal map. Like one wheel.

Good advice.

I had fun playing with normal maps for doom3. I finally sorted out the issues and found it that it was my uv mapping that was causing weird things to happen. I think at one point I had problems when UVs overlapped.

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so....i broke up the model, top and bottom. Figured im compressing so much data into the normal map 2 textures are better than one. Not sure if thats the correct way. LOL

anyways, now my normal map is brown....anyone have any thoughts?


the discreet guy made it look so easy at GDC. :(

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