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What's your 2016 GOTY?

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2016 was a really good year for games, what was your favs? I wonder if I missed a hidden gem.

There's no way on earth I can pick one so for me, the highlights of my year was Dishonored 2, The Last Guardian and Doom.





I haven't got around to play Firewatch, Inside and Dark Sould 3 yet, but something tells me those are amazing games too and I'm still too early on FF15 to make any kind of judgement yet and huge honorable mention to Owl Boy!

Also, I spent a lot of my gaming time on my WiiU this year. I played Mario Galaxy 2 for the first time, that game is so amazingly well done it made my head spin, and finally hundreds of hours in Overwatch comp  xD

Post your picks of the year too.

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I dunno, I felt there were only 3-4 releases that got something out of me this year, but then I haven't played CIV 6 or Planet Coaster

Anyway, my choices are Street Fighter 5, the new Hitman and Dark Souls 3... and DS3 really only because it felt like there weren't better contenders.

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These were my favorites from the year.

26111298331_fdab1d50c1_h.jpg  477606.jpg

header.jpg?t=1480097058  header.jpg?t=1479825461

Still haven't gotten to Dishonored 2, but I have a feeling that's a gonna be a great one. So it could be up here.

If I'm forced to pick, I probably have to say my "game of the year" is WoW: Legion. I ended up not really buying that many new games because of Legion. I haven't played live in 2 years or so and I've basically been only playing Legion since August. I started playing 10 years ago and I still enjoy playing everyday. They did a great job with the leveling experience with all of the VO they added, and the quest-lines are structured to tell stories better this time around. All the new zones look beautiful (but Val'Sharah is my favorite) and artifact weapons keep the game fresh after gearing up. The pacing of PvP is the best it's been in a very long time, Mythic+ dungeons are a breath of fresh air for people like me who don't really like to raid.  I guess it's hard to get excited about it if you have no attachment to WoW, but it's been an amazing experience so far for me.

The environment art and the level of detail of Uncharted 4 is unrivaled in my opinion. Okay, BF1 looks amazing too. And so does Dishonored 2. I think it was just the scope of Uncharted 4 that blew me away. "Marooned" is a damn good level for an action game.

DOOM reminds of why I got into making levels in the first place. The campaign is one of the best in years for me. That opening level is one worth studying. Definitely one I'll be replaying many many times.

Inside has some of the most efficient puzzle/level design and storytelling that I've ever seen in a game. This game does so much with so little, it really made me rethink how I look at level/game design.


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