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[CS:GO][WIP] Trailerpark


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Map has been released.


There will be bugs etc, but we wanted to get it out for feedback. Expect a lot of polish, and thank for all the feedback so far. If you have any issues, especially gameplay related, let us know!

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Where to begin with this map

first and for-most, both of the bombsites are incorrect, bombsite A is listed as b on the radar and vice versa

I also found the clipping was lacking around the wood fence barriers.

Its almost shocking how little this map actually resembles a trailerpark.

For one thing, none of the "trailers" resemble actual motor homes, aside from a few that you dont actually enter.

Im from a part of the United state where every town has about 3-6 trailer parks, so im well aware of how they would actually look.

Obviously you couldn't do the traditional single lane with trailers in a neat and uniform positioning, that would never work, but most of these buildings dont even come close to resembling a trailer.

Every single trailer, despite being very different in design, all feature the exact same corrugated metal texture, and slated window. Every interior is practically identical and not in a good way. Despite your frequent use of the slated windows, including in areas where they seemingly exist in between two interiors rooms, almost none of the interiors lighting is natural, youve got bright sun flowing in, but its very obviously not real light.

Real trailers, when their windows are not obstructed, are usually filled with natural light, because of how many windows there are and how small the interior space is. I dont see why you put so much effort into placing windows all over every single building, then use none of the natural sunlight those windows would allow. Every single building has the same gross yellow lighting, on yellow wall paper, with yellow-brown wood siding and floors. This is a harsh contrast from the outside, where you have natural cool lighting, from all the light colors and bright blue sky. The interiors dont feel like they match the exterior in how they are lit.

I get that having clean walls and clear spaces is good for gameplay, but running around this map felt like I was running around a miniature scale model in lobby of some architecture firm. The map enters the uncanny valley with just how unrealistically clean every single surface of the map is. Its a trailer park, trailers are not made with high quality paint and metals to begin with, they are designed to be cheap, but aside from that, this trailer park is in the middle of a lake. Next to a shore filled with sand. The lake it also seems to be in the middle of a forest. The amount of the moisture with the from the lake, combined with all that sand, would at the very least be degrading the bottom trims of the trailers, but realistically, every trailer that faced the lake would be rusting with paint chipping off. Speaking form experience, wildlife would burrow under the ground and into the bottom crawl areas of the trailers. They would rip through the bottom trims even more.

I also find it bizarre, that this trailer park is seemingly on a peninsula in the middle of a lake, its surround by water on 3 sides, its also seems incredibly unlikely that anyone would waste lake front property on a trailer park.

And this is where I realized what this map should be, not once when I ran around the map, did I get the feeling I was in a trailer park, the beach, the odd storm drain tunnels, the mountains and bright blue sky do not invoke a feeling of being in a trailer park. This map would work so much better if it was set in a summer camp, or some kind of national park reception area. Its a real shame too, because the sense of outdoors and sense of adventure not to dissimilar to ones a child would get from being in the woods, overwhelm everything else thats trying to be a trailer park.

One last point of contention I have, T spawn and CT spawn seem thematically reversed, as in they should spawn in each others spawn area. The Ts start outside the park, what I assume is their moving truck has been left behind down the road, while the CTs start out near the beach with an APC that seemingly left not tire tricks in the sand. Its hard to tell what the bombsites are supposed to be, but it would make more sense thematically, if the cts started in the street, while the Ts start out in the trailer park itself, the Ts having resided in the Trailer park itself, with the bombsites being their stockpiles of weapons.

The FBI would want those stockpiles as evidence of some kind, and the Ts would want to destroy all evidence of them even being there in the first place. Some sense of what the Ts are even bombing would be nice, as it stands grey crates with grey barrels dont inspire much thought as to would they could be. Additionally the A site, grey barrels look very unnatural, They are all uniform with each other, and the hinge of the lid face the exact same way for every single barrel. Simply Rotate the barrels different directions on the top layers would fix this.


I know this may have come off as overly negative, however I see potential in this map, by just making a theme change. Its already got the atmosphere for an outdoor, national park type map, it just needs a different look applied to the buildings. Granted, it would obviously be easier to just change the 3d skybox and the out bounds details, to suit the trailer park theme more closely, then changing all the game play areas.

Either way, just keep improving it, this has the potential to make into the game itself.

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Overall the map is amazing, but I've found a few problems here and there.

1. There are a lot of unclipped props, like the toilets at A long and the feet of the large tower at B, while this doesn't give much of an advantage it can be confusing and get in the way of gameplay.

2. If you look at some sections of the skybox from inside of the level, there are quite a few fairly noticeable seems in between the mountain textures.

3. Gameplay wise, I feel there may be too many routes, though I have not play tested the map so I maybe wrong. I fear that the T's may have to much control over the map from the beginning, leaving too few options for how CT's can push and play on the level.

Congratulations on the release and I am excited to see you continue developing this level!

EDIT: Remembered another problem. All the flags and the wind wheel are facing different directions, and in some places two flags can be seen facing two different directions simultaneously. This really messes with my sense of realism when playing this map.

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So I walked arround on my own and played with bots.

- First the positives: the map looks amazing! I think the overal layout is pretty interesting. I love how B is short range friendly and A is more medium/long range friendly and so is mid. 
- I have to agree on DMU. It feels there are too many paths and there is also too much going on. A vent here, 14 window jumps there and 10 door entrance here and there. I feld really chaotic playing this map and perhaps its just me, but I think it's also part of the design.
- I think each area should need some more identification (which isn't easy on a trailer park concept) The spawns feld really satisfying, especially CT spawn with the beach and factory building which are so much distinctive of the rest of the map. So did T spawn really with the outsite area and the cool big sign/woden structure. But once entering the actual map it feld like a maze to me. I knew where I was going, but when taking over a bot I was very disorientated. There are just so many small alleyways and so much interiors to go trough which I personally didn't liked. I prefered the more outsite open areas overall.   
- I feld the open window holes inside the trailers were wrong. They feld and looked unnatural but most important I feld I could jump there, it would be a playable area but then it's not. Rather put a actual window in the holes and add some curtains and stuff to make obvious it's background and u still can look trough and find some background details if you want.   

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So i played the map, looks good and clean. Maybe too clean at  some points. There are no shadows uner the RV's, maybe some more custom sounds
, in the homes. A ping for the microwave, sume radio playing or other stuff.
But i love the theme and great attention for the surroundings. In dont know about the gameplay, didnt play with bots ūüôā

ok here some screenshots i made.
Below: it looks like the trailers are too big.




Maybe some rats here? And the sewers look to "clean"....


Weird clipping:




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13 hours ago, Squidski said:

I noticed this map is set in Nevada USA, but the doormat has the UK spelling of 'Neighbor'


You can be pro Common Wealth and living anywhere: p It's not "UK" spelling for we do it here in Canada too. Unless of course you're referring to the "UK" dictionary that Windows and Android, ect can use ūüėõ

I wanted to give props to the map maker for sticking to this map for so many years. You'll notice that the wood in this picture I've quoted on the porch is going the wrong way. This stands out to me because I'm a carpenter. Who knows, maybe the spelling on the mat stands out to the other poster because they're an English teacher. Either way, you seem keen for details, and these little things make a map special!

Overall I'm very excited about your map, I spent a lot of time in trailer parks growing up. Slow and steady wins the race! 

As a side note, I always remember half eating discarded hot dogs being left everywhere in trailer parks lol

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