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The Last of Us Part 2

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On 6/22/2020 at 9:12 PM, Buddy said:


>Also, sexually ambiguous characters in post-apocalyptic setting make very little sense

awww diddums, did da widdle peepee or jayjay make it all uncomftabibble :(((


> (or even Trans but I'm not sure if Abby is one, because how the fuck you do that? Who prescribes & produces the hormones?).


"is one", disgusting..

don't ignore the fact that the WLF are still driving tons of vehicles around, where'd they get all the gas? refineries can't still be functioning? are they just .. scavenging and finding usable gasoline out in the world? hmmmm maybe they're doing that with medicine too, and animals, and all the other stuff that still exists.

and EVEN IF the ENTIRE CAST of characters were trans, what difference would it EVEN MAKE for the story that is told? or is it, could it just possibly be, no surely not, there's no way at all that you are being a little bit disingenuous with your reasoning.


>They should've reserved that for some other title where it makes sense setting-wise. Uncharted maybe?

yeah for sure i totally agree, much better to wait with stuff until everyone is comfortable and accepting, like how now-a-days nobody is offended by the dirty gays. we, the straight, white, moral majority opened our hearts and our minds and decided that yes, we can tolerate them. not accept them or stop beating them up in the street, i mean that'd be crazy right, gotta keep those subhumans in their place or the world would go crazy. imagine if i had to look at a penis other than my own, i think i'd vomit. in fact i don't even wash my asshole because that would be gay, imagine, those slippery lathered fingers accidentally.. teasingly.. work their way into my boy-pussy, oh no, i can't quite.. seem to work them free no matter how much i struggle, the water is pouring over my head and still i struggle, it's hard to breathe, the air is so steamy and lithe, the waterfalling droplets of the showers caressing my glistening body as they pitter patter onto the tiles below, yet still.. i struggle.


>Bring back Amy Hennig.

yeah for sure, she was a great writer and the projects she worked on at ND were truly phenomenal, uncharted 2 is a masterpiece. druckmann wrote the first 'last of us'.

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It's not that bad, but it disregards what the fans loved about the original in order to go in a different direction that feels like the director's personal agenda. People had certain expectations for

Man that video was painful. Seems to have missed the point of what the game was trying to do, and when you play the game you notice that the stuff that was in the first game is in this game, but it's

It's Jakey time  

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On 6/16/2020 at 2:02 AM, [HP] said:


Seems like, other than the dogs... there isn't much else added to the formula of the first, in fact it seems like they removed (nearly all) environmental puzzles the first one had, which helped break up the pace. (ladders, pushing dumpsters, pallets, valves, etc) and they were replaced by just a few swinging rope sections, akin to Uncharted 4. The fuck?

It's also disappointing they didn't add anything to the players mechanical toolkit, in the first you could use a brick/bottle to make noise and troll the AI. In this sequel, it's exactly the same, nothing more added. I love this reviewer brings up DeusEx, Dishonored and Prey (2017) as games chock full of different systems to traverse the environments, troll the enemies, etc in comparison to this game it's very barebones. You do get the xray vision, but at least in the first one, I never really used it because it just feels like a cheap wallhack.

I love storytelling in games, but it could be that there was so much focus going into crafting a story, that everything else fell by the way side and gameplay became mere filler areas for the next cutscene, that's not very good, this is still a video game after all, right?! Even Kojima games, which are always compared to movies, are full of diferent gameplay mechanics.
As for the story itself though, it doesn't even seem like it's that good anyway, specially the later stages of the game... 

At least, there seems to be a lot of exploration here, levels are bigger and wider, but it's a shame don't do anything with it, it's just going from A to B, you just need to find out where B is.

Man that video was painful. Seems to have missed the point of what the game was trying to do, and when you play the game you notice that the stuff that was in the first game is in this game, but it's just that Ellie isn't the one doing it because Joel isn't there as a guide, she's what 19 or 20 in this, she's a kid, an angry confused kid. There's a level of unrelenting psychological horror that permeates through every encounter, every hand-scrawled note, every vista. There's sadness, a melancholy, that's hard to deal with and if people wanna get angry at a lack of new gadgets then maybe they are approaching the game from the wrong angle.
The fact that that guy in the video said the story was the biggest let-down is such a telling thing that it's hard to put in to words just how sad I feel for him. The story is exactly what needed to happen after the events of the first game, they even cover how she feels about in this game and why she is letting revenge drive her. The fact that you glimpse into the lives of other people trapped in this nightmare world shows her growing up as a person, as opposed to the colourful "happiness" that was in the first game, she was with Joel, they had a purpose, there was something to look forward to at the end. Here, and now? It's just dark, what point is there to keep going unless you find something to keep going FOR?

The gameplay is non-stop horror, and I don't mean jump-scares and monsters and buckets of blood, it's horror at a primal level, the screams of the "enemies" are death-rattles from our ancestors, it's horrifying killing people, the violence is disgusting, un-called for, over-the-top and every single moment is reminding you that you'd rather be anywhere else but here, but you ARE here and you have to keep going and for what, revenge? Why? At what cost?

It's the worst game I've ever played and simultaneously the best, the humanity shines through everywhere and if the lack of a new crowbar or carrying a box to climb into a window ruins the experience then you need to look deeper because it's worth playing and will be talked about in a decade as a high-watermark for the medium.

Naughty Dog could shut down tomorrow and they'd still be relevant for a long time to come.


All the bullshit about trans people, big muscley girls, AGENDA and oh-god-muh-politics is transparent as fuck and I hope one day for the planet earth to be renamed Fashbash Centriumius Prime.

Fuck the haters, don't forget to like and subscribe, and follow me on TikTok @slimDickBallsThick

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On a serious note, most people I respect do seem to have positive things to say about this game. It must be annoying to release a huge game and for the rubes to set its “reputation” before its even released, based mostly on leaks and/or politics, and then turn that itself into a meme. But I have a feeling the sales have been very good...

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Fuck yeah, Rick. Agreed.

You guys should not judge this game until you've played it through fully. I went in with no pre-formed opinions before playing the game (didnt look at any user reviews etc), and came out absolutely loving it. I am SO fucking confused by the reaction to this game, I really am. Personally, I think it's one of the best games of this generation. Maybe even one of the best stories in videogames, in terms of how it makes you re-frame the entire plot of the first game. Really powerful stuff.

And for the record, I actually was saying to my friends before we all played that I was not particularly excited about this game, either. I was bordering on feeling negative towards TLOU2. I really don't enjoy Uncharted, and I thought the first TLOU was only alright. This one blew me away. Completely unexpected.

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3 hours ago, blackdog said:

How come you weren’t so impressed of the first one?

I'm not sure. I played it a good couple of years after it came out, and I did enjoy it, but I just didn't find it as mindblowing as everyone was saying it was. I found the gameplay to be a bit... Average. But then, games move on so quickly, that maybe I'd already played a game that was inspired from The Last Of Us. Also I think I had overhead the ending and some other bits too, just through the grapevine kinda thing over the years. That's probably my main reason. There wasn't a lot of suspense for me, knowing some big plot points.

I knew nothing about TLOU2, so everything came as a huge surprise.

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No major spoilers ahead, but if you haven't played it and you want it to be a fresh experience just ignore this:


My conclusion is that tlou2 by itself is revolutionary piece of story telling, subverting the 'in group vs out group' thinking process, while reinforcing some very valuable lessons and themes like revenge is a fools game and such. And simultaneously it is a BAD squeal. While their are certain parallels you can try to point out between the two games that make them vaguely similar as far as the overarching narrative structure, the actual journey throughout part 2 is not a cohesive and gradual continuation of the first game. Ellie and joel are completely different people, and while i think the reasons for this are explained well and make sense, it's immediately polarizing at the start of the game and the flash back sequences don't do that transition justice. They did not EARN the bold moves in part 2 YET. I think part two should have taken place during the unraveling of joel and ellies relationship, all the while foreshadowing the inevitable tragedy that would be abby and ellies revenge plot entanglement that should have a part 3

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What is the point of a game that portrays what it forces you to do as evil? Is Naughty Dog going to give up violent games after this? Anything less just makes TLOU2's themes moot. 

Game makes you do extreme violence -> Game shows how that extreme violence is senseless and how hero characters are monsters to others -> Game continues to make you do extreme violence and tell you how bad it is (despite them deliberately making several elements of killing quite flashy)  -> Naughty Dog continues making violent games with tons of killing (probably, unless they do change).

What is the point? How does that make any sense at all? It's the age old meme in games of "can't you see what we force you to do is wrong??" It's like: Yes! Yes! This is all wrong! Why do you make me do it then? Just stop making these games if the message is that these actions are wrong! It's entirely contradictory. 

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