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The Last of Us Part 2

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It's not that bad, but it disregards what the fans loved about the original in order to go in a different direction that feels like the director's personal agenda. People had certain expectations for

Man that video was painful. Seems to have missed the point of what the game was trying to do, and when you play the game you notice that the stuff that was in the first game is in this game, but it's

It's Jakey time  

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Don’t think I’m gonna watch these but in case you do

This must be an extract

tech stuff

For the first time in a while I’m tempted to preorder a game to have it at day-1, I’m mostly held back by the fact that I’m trying to finish the DLC for the first one and that maybe is better to have a break in between to avoid fatigue… I’m such a stubborn player that I spoil them for myself sometimes.

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Seems like, other than the dogs... there isn't much else added to the formula of the first, in fact it seems like they removed (nearly all) environmental puzzles the first one had, which helped break up the pace. (ladders, pushing dumpsters, pallets, valves, etc) and they were replaced by just a few swinging rope sections, akin to Uncharted 4. The fuck?

It's also disappointing they didn't add anything to the players mechanical toolkit, in the first you could use a brick/bottle to make noise and troll the AI. In this sequel, it's exactly the same, nothing more added. I love this reviewer brings up DeusEx, Dishonored and Prey (2017) as games chock full of different systems to traverse the environments, troll the enemies, etc in comparison to this game it's very barebones. You do get the xray vision, but at least in the first one, I never really used it because it just feels like a cheap wallhack.

I love storytelling in games, but it could be that there was so much focus going into crafting a story, that everything else fell by the way side and gameplay became mere filler areas for the next cutscene, that's not very good, this is still a video game after all, right?! Even Kojima games, which are always compared to movies, are full of diferent gameplay mechanics.
As for the story itself though, it doesn't even seem like it's that good anyway, specially the later stages of the game... 

At least, there seems to be a lot of exploration here, levels are bigger and wider, but it's a shame don't do anything with it, it's just going from A to B, you just need to find out where B is.

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Was also sad to hear that the innovation seems to have been directed mostly toward presentation. Dynamic and versatile gameplay systems impress me much more than just a pretty world.

I still want to experience it, but had to make the call to postpone playing games for some time while I try to make my own game and at the same time raise my little baby boy. That's more than enough activities for the time being. 😬


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It's not that bad, but it disregards what the fans loved about the original in order to go in a different direction that feels like the director's personal agenda. People had certain expectations for the first game's characters and to see them not being fulfilled was disappointing. I've made this comparison myself, but so have other people, Part II is what Alien III was to Aliens. There's also some bad design decisions here and there, but nothing that wouldn't have been forgiven otherwise. 

If you disregard the writing, everything else is pretty much top notch. I personally think the introduction was slower than it had to be, the story only picking up 2 hours into the game, but whatever. Other people have complained about the gameplay, which for the most part has remained the same as in 2013, but with some minor improvements. Overall, on a technical level, it's a well made game.

And out of all the critics, I think IGN Japan is the most objective: 

”The Last of Us Part II tries too hard to differentiate itself from its predecessor. While astonishing cityscapes and more varied combat options are great evolutions, Part II lacks the poetic serenity that made the original road-movie-like epic such a masterpiece. On top of that, uninteresting new characters burden the story, making Ellie's journey feel conventional and not nearly as captivating as the original. - 7/10"

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20 minutes ago, Pampers said:

and what is that? and do you disagree with it?

It's the story that we got and that he specifically wanted to tell, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. But it clearly isn't what the fans of the original wanted. At the end of the day, he's in charge, it's his thing and he can take it in any direction he wants, but I think he should also take into consideration what the expectations of the fans are. And it's also true that you can't make everyone happy and that some expectations are just unrealistic. However, I would say that at some point you have a responsibility to your fans. You have to acknowledge that you are where you are because they've responded positively to what you made in the past.

It's a fine line to walk between the thing you want to create and the thing people expect you to make. It doesn't mean that you have to just produce the same thing over and over and over again, but you should be careful with the important details. In this case, it was the relationship between the main characters of the original. 

Take the Alien series for instance. In Aliens we got a bunch of likeable characters, some of which survive to the end, like Newt and Hicks, which interact in a meaningful way with Ripley. The relationship that develops between Ripley and Newt is very similar to the one between Joel and Ellie in TLOU. Ripley and Joel are both finding a second chance at being a parent after having lost their own child. And people responded positively to that. Now, in Alien III, the first thing that's made clear is that Newt and Hicks have died off-screen... and people that were expecting to see the dynamic between the characters evolve were left being disappointed. Which is understandable. I personally like Alien III, especially the setting, but I can understand where some people are coming from. Funny thing is they could have made Alien III be some sort of spin-off and work without Ripley at all, while making a proper continuation to Aliens. 

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I did say that his agenda was to tell the story that we got, a story about how revenge is bad and destroys everything around it. I don't know why he wanted to specifically go for that or tell it the way he did, maybe it's a thing to destroy your characters or see them undone, but it wasn't what the fans wanted. And, come on, you can't tell me that someone can be that disconnected from the expectations of the fans. He had to know that people wanted just another Ellie and Joel adventure and ignored that to craft this story about revenge. Like I said previously, it's a fine line between the thing you want to create and the thing people expect you to make.

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Okay, then I misinterpreted your first answer, apologies. I think just another Ellie and Joel adventure would been just that, fan service, boring and predictive, and very safe. But ND is trying to push the medium further that most other companies here and I think they deserve some kudos for that, even if they might have missed the mark. At least it wasn't some Game of Thrones ending where they just gave up in the writing room. What happens in the story is all the same to me in the end, it's the discussion around it online I have found interesting. In-game I've spent most of the time looking at the tech and all the cool details in the world lol

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