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Adobe mad! Adobe devour!


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I think some of you have already heard about this, but for the ones who don't have their sniffers set for design market.

Adobe buys Macromedia.

For some of you who don't know the companies here, well this is pretty serious business, both are big names in graphics markets, and it will be exciting to see how things will change in the future, especially how things go down for Flash, Freehand and ever so popular Dreamwave, will these be left alone or merged with Creative suite, who knows.

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i can see furthrer coupling of photoshop and flash, as well as dreamweaver...

Oh god no! Just give me my pixelbased graphics software, and keep them html twiggies and vectorbased flash huggies out of my PHOTOshop. I don't mind getting some better Flash software tho, and Fireworks def is better than Imageready.

There are reasons for illustrator and photoshop to be two different programs.

I agree, good things will ensue before bloodbath, I just hope they fix the "We are Macromedia software, and we don't work well together with other professional software"-syndrome, other than that, it's all good.

If you want some bad things, well check out nVidia when they bought 3dfx, they literally came 3dfx, like nVidia, can they open a can without the hard boiled pros of 3dfx helping them? Tho there is no such fear here, since both of the companies have good roster of professionals, BUT they do so much different things, Adobe will benefit from Macromedias pioneering on the internet multimedia presentation systems, like Flash and Shockwave.

Until the latest versions of Adobe GoLive CS I have not been that hot for it, and have done all my webdesign on Dreamweaver, so maybe they will pick up some nice things from Macromedias strong technical presentation of Dreamweaver and Adobes more design oriented GoLive CS, InDesign easily rocks Freehands ass, it was the otherway around just a while ago. Fireworks rocks Imagereadys ass but can't hold a candle on Photoshop, Illustrator is definedly the defacto vectorbased graphics software, unparalleled in every aspect. Both companies have great technology to share, Adobe has PDF and Macromedia has Flash (the main interest of Adobe I presume) and Shockwave, plus some like Flex and Breeze. Adobe has the advantage of being more thorough multimedia company with support for video with Premiere and audio with Audition, and they had some half-assed 3d with Adobe Dimesions which they integrated to Illustrator (thank god), that was a short overview of the two companies and my analysis.

Long ass post but suck it in.

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