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[HL2_Odyssey] Forsaken Courtyards

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Forsaken Courtyards

  • Game: Half-Life 2
  • Map Name: HL2_Odyssey_M3_ForsakenCourtyards
  • Context: Part of the HL2_Odyssey project
  • Time spent developing: Week 4 of 8 (at 50% work hours)
  • Estimated playtime: 5 min

Description & Background

In the HL2_Odyssey project I am one of 13 level designers. In my level, taking place early in the campaign, the player emerges from the sewers onto an open courtyard, armed with a crowbar and pistol. The area is infested with zombies, which combine forces are trying to subdue. You have to make your way through the area, fighting off both zombies and combine soldiers armed with SMGs.

Role in the campaign

Since the previous level is a sewer, with narrow corridors and a darker aesthetic, I wanted my level to go in the opposite direction, with more open spaces and long range encounters.

I also aimed to make a level that made the player return to the same area several times, but from different vantage points. In order to make it easier for the player to navigate and get a sense of progress, the statue is placed so it can be seen from several places in the level.

Alpha build

Below is a build of my map. I would greatly appreciate any feedback you would give me!

To download the map <Click here>

Alpha screenshots



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Welcome to mapcore, hope you enjoy your stay

Nice touch at the very start welcoming the player with the combine fighting the zombie.

Good job keeping the central plaza/horse statue as center of interest/focus.

Some indoor locations/rooms were pretty dark and will need your attention with lighting especially if enemy encounters are to happen there.

The environmental lighting could use a bit of boost as it is a bit flat right now (a different skybox with different lighting setup, or tweaking the current values of brightness/ambient, use HDR with tonemap control, etc..)

Keep it up :)

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