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Lucas Silwer

[HL2_Odyssey] Urban Crawl

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Urban crawl

  • Game: Half-life 2
  • Map Name:   HL2_Odyssey_M5_UrbanCrawl
  • Context: Part of the HL2_Odyssey-Project
  • Time spent developing: Week 4 of 8 (at 50% work hours)
  • Estimated playtime: 6-10 mins

Description & Background

This map is a part of the HL2_Odyssey -Project where I am one of the level designers. My level takes place in the streets and houses of an urban part of the city. When traversing the urban areas the player will be assaulted by zombies and traverse broken rooms and houses to make it further in to the city.


Role in the campaign

Chronology-wins my level is in the early to mid parts of the game. In the campaign i introduce the shotgun and try to use the ”We Don’t Go To Raveholm” feeling when you crawl up and down broken buildings full of obstacles and zombies.


Alpha Build

You can download the alpha here   -->       <Download link>

Gold Build

You can download the Gold here    -->       <Download link>


Alpha, Screenshots

Here are some in game screenshots from my level.




Gold, Screenshots



Edited by Lucas Silwer
updated the build and added screenshots

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Welcome to mapcore, hope you enjoy your stay

Good choice providing the player with the shotgun early on before they can access the apartments filled with zombies. The ambience is dark forcing me to use the flashlight but that is to be expected if you are trying to mimic the atmosphere of Ravenholm.

One thing to keep an eye on is that you have too many doors that can be opened leading to dead end empty rooms. If you plan later on to have secret stashes, weapons, friendly NPC encounters in these rooms then all is good but if they will remain as they are now, then it is highly recommend to reduce their numbers to keep the smooth flow of the player progress/navigation.

Keep it up :)

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