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[HL2_Odyssey] The Raid

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The Raid

  • Game: HL2
  • Map Name: HL2_Odyssey_M7_TheRaid
  • Context: Part of the Odyssey project
  • Time spent developing: Week 4 of 8 (at 50% work hours)
  • Estimated playtime: 10 mins

Description & Background

This map is supposed to be a low-paced gameplay experience with focus on exploring. 
The player is stuck infront of an apartment-complex and need to find a way through to the other side. 
There will be an ongoing raid when the player arrives infront of the building and the local police won't 
immediately recognize the player as a threat. 

Role in the campaign

The purpose of this map is to tell a short story within the main story through it's environment. 
Something the player can experience through scripted sequences and overall mood. 
This map is sectioned in the middle of the campaign and is supposed to give the player some minutes to breathe,
after an intense battle. 

Alpha build

This is my earliest build of my design and I would love any kind of constructive feedback. 





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Welcome to mapcore, hope you enjoy your stay.

The concept here is interesting since you are focusing on slow-paced exploration without any meaningful fighting; you just need to make sure that there are enough "things" to explore (hidden stashes maybe, or some Easter eggs...) and to have some scripted sequences involving the CPs and civilians where the player could admire them unfolding before their eyes.

Some issue I noted:

The upper floors are way too dark; lighting should be a priority for your next build

The locked doors appear the same as the ones that can be opened; it would be nice to take a cue from the HL2 stock maps where locked doors are clearly marked to avoid unnecessary frustration and wasted time going from door to door.

The key on the desk is a nice touch but you should consider having it as a prop/model in future builds as brushwork key looks massive, more like straight out of a shooter from the 90s :)

Keep it up :)

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Thank's bunch for the feedback will2k! I totally agree, I really appreciate you taking the time to play my level.  All great advice which I will prioritize next week. 

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