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What's your favourit game ending / final boss ever?

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11 hours ago, text_fish said:

I loved original PoP and PoP:Sands of Time. They just turned him in to a SuicideGirl after SoT and it got a bit too cringeworthy.

Assassins Creed started out as a PoP game until they decided to turn it into something else since it wasn't about the Prince anymore. Now we get broken releases every year of a new Assassins Creed, which sucks but atleast I'm happy they didn't do this with PoP.

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20 hours ago, (HP) said:


I was being sarcastic of course. But that picture pretty much was impression after the "bossfight" and ending of it :D

Can't really think of recent games that stuck in my mind of having an awesome last bossfight and ending. Final Fantasy 7 was pretty intense, it took so long to finish the boss that the end was really satisfying to watch.

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I would have put in metro last light on my list, but they locked the cannon ending behind the moral system, after two playthroughs that failed to get that ending, I can safely say 'fuck that'

So here's what I have instead.

  • Outlast (Whistleblower dlc)
  • Bastion
  • X-com (victory ending)
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Deus Ex. The ending is a huge interconnected level, and you choose your ending by doing a bunch of tasks spread all over it while the antagonist mocks you, and then protests, and then begs you to stop as you go about your business. Great design and setup. :D 

Mafia 3 also had a great ending. A perfect last level, followed by some great denouement scenes and choices that properly respected your decisions across the course of the game. Basically the complete opposite of Mass Effect 3's ending, which I experienced for the first time a couple months ago. I was so frustrated by how slow and dumb it was being that when I finally got the ability to move and choose an ending, I shot at the ghost-child-avatar thing, and instantly got a bad ending. Reloading took me back over an hour and a half of unskippable bullshit, so I never even bothered trying again for a real ending, because I was so fed up with it.

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