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[CSGO] Lack of mapping channels on YouTube

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My favourite series on YouTube for Counter Strike is /u/3kliksphilip's "Making of de_sparity". I loved his explanations of each stage of development and why he made the map to the point where it is today. From there I looked at other videos of this type and found a few, but not many. That series motivated me to start mapping.

This is where my interests turned to a video type that is absurdly absent from YouTube. At least not consistently. Workshop map reviews/showcases. Sure, there is a few videos here and there but not a strong series(If there is I'd like to know). 

I started a YouTube channel to showcase and give opinions about decently produced maps (not day creations). So in this way it is not reviews of maps that have a strong chance of being in the next operation, but to amateur creators who are passionate and have put some time into the map. It is a way to present a map that would normally be buried by high class mappers and give feedback. Personally I feel it is a great idea, benefiting mappers greatly.

Another video style also relatively absent is CS mapping videos, I started a live series (posting as I create the map, rather than post) of my map making journey.

(And yes I have seen the few workshop map review videos)


I would love your opinions and suggestions about this and hope you check the videos out.


YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/ricochetstudios

Workshop Map Reviews: 


Mapping Series: 

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I've never thought as mapping as a spectator sport.


Tophatt's videos were great for getting started (and still great for learning about entities/techniques that I've not used yet) but skills are built with experience and trial/error.

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